Taking the Final Step

By: Kirsten Hernandez

The countdown to the end of school has begun, we have all waited for this moment since the day we walked through those doors freshman year. Now in the seniors final days it is now our time to step up to the last chapter of our high school career. We will now be celebrating our last firsts of many things, and many firsts of what’s to come. Since we are celebrating so many lasts we must remember to soak it in, because before you know it we will be walking these halls for the last time preparing to graduate. We will have our last first day of school, last ballgames and school dances. It has been our dream since we were kids to graduate high school, and to think in a year it will be our turn to walk across that stage and get our diploma.

So many of us have grown up together and now we are approaching our final stretch together. Many of us will go our separate ways but we will always carry the memories of the class of 2018. Next year we will be making choices that will determine our future: choosing what colleges we want to attend, what our major will be and all the steps to accomplish our goals. Senior year comes with a busy schedule including: senior pictures, applying for scholarships and for many having a job or participating in sports or clubs.

Some of the most challenging things about senior year are going to be staying focused and motivated to finish up all things that need to be done as “Senioritis” sets in. We must find a balance to keep our goals a priority while still enjoying these last moments together.