May Teacher of the Month

By Amanda Ferguson
This year is coming to an end and all of The Bengal Cry staff would like to recognize the teacher of the month for May as Mr. Blake. He has been a teacher here at Sterling High School for two years.
Mr. Blake knew he wanted to be a teacher in the seventh grade, he liked tblake.JPGo read and write. This inspired him to become an English teacher. He said, “I love being able to teach students to express themselves.”
Being an English teacher Mr. Blake was able to find the best way of teaching. He said, “I prefer the discussion technique because I think students learn more by talking to each other rather than being talked at.”
Mr. Blake classes include Journalism, English 3, Composition 1, Speech and Rhetoric as well as creative writing.
Mr. Blake chose to work with high school students because, he loved giving them the opportunity to express themselves before they were released into the real world.
He said, “For so long students were taught what to think and not how to think.” Mr. Blake said that the best thing about teaching is, seeing the look of discovery and realization in a students eyes when they finally understand something they thought they couldn’t.
As a teacher that has been teaching for four years, Mr. Blake says that his best professional development was going through the introduction process at SHS, “I was able to learn more about the district and I was able to use what I had learned,” he said.
Mr. Blake has been working with a lot of students and has his share of good and bad experiences. He says the one of the best ones was, opening up ideas and new experiences to students, that can try new things and enjoy them.
Every teacher dislikes something about teaching. Mr. Blake dislikes the standardized tests. He says, “The tests tell you how to take a test , not how to use what they have learned.”
When it comes to after school activities, Mr. Blake likes to spend is time reading, writing, taking photos and cooking.