SHS Prom Is a Masquerade

By Amarise Buanteo

For every high school student there is the one dance that everyone looks forward too and that’s prom. Every student wants to be able to go to this one special dance and make those special memories. Once they hit freshman year they hope that they will be asked to prom by one of the juniors or seniors. Considering that prom is basically for the junior and senior class but they can take an underclassman. Prom is so much more than just a formal dance at least in some high schoolers eyes. There is so much that goes into prom the dress, the tux, the corsages and boutineers, the hair,  the nails,  the colors, the makeup, and so much more.

Every dance has a theme some are cool and some are just overused. This year’s prom theme was masquerade was the latter. This theme has been used for so many parties and dances that it is just a bit overused. Some students thought it was a cool theme and others thought they should have chosen one of the other themes,  such as Harry Potter.

Junior Errick Denning said, “I think it would be cool because people get to wear a mask and dance without people being embarrassed.”

Sophomore Greyson Dudley said, “I think Harry Potter would be ten times better than masquerade.”

Sophomore Alexis Brower said, “I thought it was cool. I always wanted to go to a masquerade ball.”

Prom is the one thing that can hurt a person’s wallet no matter what it is. There are so many things that is needed for prom. There is the dress and the tux, the corsages and boutineers, and the tickets. Many had different opinions on what was the most expensive part about prom for themselves.

Junior Grace Reeves said, “My dress was the most expensive part for prom.”

Sophomore Isaac Deleon said, “My tux was definitely the most expensive part for prom.”

Freshman Madison Barnhill said, “The tickets were expensive but so were the corsages and boutineers.”

For many people before prom is the most stressful part for them. They have to plan where they are going to eat or even take pictures. Some people just take pictures at a house and some go to the park or the courthouse. Many people also eat at a house but some make plans to go out  to eat at a restaurant.

Junior Shelby Houser said, “We ate at Rivercity Grill and had a big group with us. Our group consisted of Grace Reeves, Isaac Deleon, Sonjia Hadley, Noah Meraz, Peyton Tranas, Peyton Freeman, Bailey Rausch, Britney Wilterdink, Kaitlynn Prelle, Brian Lee, Shyloh Ertle, and Amanda Mclain.”

“I took pictures at my house I really wanted to take pictures with my friends but I didn’t have anyone to take pictures with,” said Brower.

Freshman Paige Pratt said, “We ate at Rivercity Grill with Lauryn Luft, Jaden Hottinger, and Tristan Manley. We all took pictures at pioneer park in the forest.”

During prom there is so much that has to be done and many looked forward to many different things. For girls it may be the getting ready or for the guys the dancing everyone is looking forward to something during prom.

“I’m looking forward to looking fly as heck in my gold bow tie,” said Dudley.

“I’m most looking forward to hang out with my friends,” said Houser

Barnhill said “I’m looking forward to the dance and to see who wins Prom Queen.”

Prom is a time in a high schooler’s life where they want that one person to ask them to this special dance. When they do get asked even if it’s just as friends they have to match their colors. Some go with just the fancy yet casual colors such as black, gold, and white. Others like a splash of color such as red, pink, or blue. Also sometimes even if they are going as a couple they also attend as a group. It may be a group of couples or just a big group of friends.

Reeves said “Our colors are Cinderella blue black and sliver. We were a couple but we had a group of friends with us.”

Denning said “Our colors that we have are black, white, and blue. We went as a couple in a group.”

“Our colors are a dark blue and sliver. We are going as a group or just two couples,” said Pratt

Since prom is a dance there of course has to be some music to listen to. Everyone has their own song that they would want to dance to at prom. It may be a slow song and it may be a song everyone will enjoy dancing to.

“The song that I would like to hear is ‘Gangam style’,” said Denning.

Brower said “The song that I would like to hear is ‘Fergalicious’.”

Dudley said “The song that I would really like to hear is ‘Drop it like its hot’.”

“The song I want to dance to is the ‘Cupid shuffle’,” said Deleon

Barnhill said “The song I really want to dance to is the ‘Humpty dance’.”

“The sIMG_3123ong I really want to hear at prom is ‘Fergalicious’,” said Pratt

Prom is the time that every high schooler dreams of going to in their high school career. It is the last formal dance for seniors and could possibly be the very first formal dance for freshman, sophomores, and juniors. It’s the time of year where most American teenagers are hurting their wallets for this one special dance. The girls are looking for that one perfect dress while the guys are doing anything for the girl to make her happy. This is the time of year that is the best and worst for every high schooler.