Teacher of the Month November


By: Amanda Ferguson

November’s teacher of the month is Mrs. Wernsman, an English teacher. She has been teaching for 16 years currently.  This year she teaches Pre-English I, English II and English IV.

Mrs. Wernsman said, “I became a teacher because my mom and grandma were teachers and they told me not to. Being the rebellious person I am, I became a teacher.”

Mrs. Wernsman’s favorite thing about being a teacher is, “Being around this age group, teenagers, it’s fun, they are fun and energetic.  They keep you young.”

Wernsman had really good English teachers in High School that really influenced her to be an English teacher.

She said, “They helped me like the subject more and more each year.”

Being a teacher for 16 years Wernsman has made a lot of memories. Her favorite memories involve making relationships with her coworkers over the years.

She said, “Seeing the children from the parents I went to school with is really cool.”

Some fun facts about Mrs. Wernsman are that she likes to refinish antique furniture. She also likes to camp when she gets the chance, and as she says, “I like to read. DUH”

Mrs. Wernsman says, “Contrary to popular belief, I love kids. They are great to be around.  I also have a wicked sense humor.”

This school year Mrs. Wernsman’ s goal is, “To acclimate with the new four day week, trying to make sure the students learn everything they need to while trying not to cram it all in at one time.”