2017 Homecoming Dress up Days

By: Kobe Wilson

    The Homecoming dress-up days were definitely interesting this year. With this being Sterling’s first year of the four day week, there were less days to dress up than normal, and all four days had their own special theme. The first day was Sports Day and the freshmen dressed as soccer players, sophomores as baseball players, juniors as basketball players, seniors as football players, and teachers as golfers. The second day was Superhero Day with students dressing as superheroes like Superman, Batman, The Flash, and the real heroes, the Military. The third day was Decade Day, which means the freshmen dressed like they were from the 50s, sophomores from the 60s, juniors from the 70s, seniors from the 80s, and teachers dressed like teens from today. The fourth and last day was Tiger Spirit Day with the majority of students participating on this day; Sterling showed the spirit this town has for their school.  

Freshman, sister of senior Grace Reeves, and softball player Emi Reeves said, “It was fun. I liked seeing all of the creativity.” It was definitely fun for all students and teachers who participated. Those who didn’t had certain reasons to why they didn’t. 

“I just never wanted to,” junior and three sport athlete Colton Shalla said. He also said the themes were “very boring” this year. Others who didn’t participate can probably agree. Many freshmen who didn’t dress up said they didn’t have anything to look like a soccer player on Sports Day.  

Sophomore football player Grant Brammer said it was “actually super fun,” when he dressed up for Decade Day, though he said he was one of the very few to participate in his class. Grant said, “Maybe a public vote and the three most voted themes get picked.”  

Overall, most people enjoyed the dress up days and think this is a fun tradition. Those who didn’t dress up just treated it as a normal week and didn’t have the same fun everyone else did dressing up. There were some adjustments that could be made to these days like Grant said. This week is a very fun way for students to show their Tiger spirit.