2017 Pep rally

By: Destiny Boden

Pep rallies have been around for ages but they change every year. No matter what changes throughout the years the initial goal is always the same, to get students spirit up. On September 29, 2017 some SHS students experienced their very first pep rally. Junior varsity football player Austin Garcia said, “it’s just a great experience as an athlete, to be able to recognized in front of your whole school.”  

Other students experienced what will be their last pep rally at Sterling High School. This includes senior softball player Grace Reeves. Reeves is on the varsity softball team and recently finished her last year of softball at Sterling High School.  

Reeves noted that the pep rally this year, “Was really well organized and a lot of the games were new and fun.” Reeves stated that her favorite part of this year’s pep rally was the siblings relay, which was one of the newer games. She said “I got to participate with my sister and it was so fun.”   

As for others this was just another year but it was still significant. Regan Wright is a sophomore this year at Sterling High School. Wright is one of our second year cheerleaders and has had a bit of experience with pep rallies in the past.  

Wright observed that the cheerleaders “ didn’t get to do the routine we had planned but the new girls had to work all summer to be able to do those dances and cheer at the beginning and end or the rally.”  She went on to say that this year’s activities were great and “The game where they called up siblings was new, it was pretty great.”  

This year’s pep rally had many new entertaining activities as well as old ones. From the siblings relay to the lip sync battle, this year’s pep rally was very notable. 

The pep rally was great and some students think next years could be even better. According to Garcia the only thing that could make next year’s pep rally better is , “A football players versus every other sport thing.” This would be super fun and interesting to see how it’s achieved.   

I think it’s safe to say that this year’s pep rally was super fun and accomplished its goal of getting the school hyped for the football game that evening. SHS latter went on to win the football game that evening and it was the best outcome one could hope for.