Dress up Days 2017 Add Color

By: Emily Gemaehlich

During homecoming week, the Sterling High School had different dress up days for all four days of the school week. Anyone who wanted to participate in these dress up days could participate and each day, there would be a winner for who was best dressed. On Tuesday, it was sports day, Wednesday was superhero day, Thursday was decade day, and Friday was tiger spirit day. For sports day, freshman had soccer, sophomores had baseball, juniors had basketball, seniors had football, and the SHS staff had golf. 

My brother, Adam Gemaehlich (junior) said “I wore a Lionel Messi jersey.”  

The next day, we had superhero day and could dress up as any superhero that we wanted. On Thursday, we had decade day. Freshman had 50’s, sophomores had 60’s, juniors had 70’s, seniors had 80’s, and teachers had to dress up like millennials of 2017. 

Freshman Arabella Melton said “I wore a 50’s style dress with red heels and a red sweater.”  

Every year, in honor of the homecoming game, Sterling tiger spirit day on Friday. 

Melton said, “I wore my cheer uniform.” For tiger spirit day, a lot of people wore orange tutus with black suspenders and a white tee shirt. Many students did not like a lot of the dress up days. Some would like to change it. 

Gemaehlich said, “To have a day where you can wear your work uniforms because a lot of people in my class voted for that.”  

Melton said, “Sports day, I’d rather be able to have choices with the sports we dressed as.”  

Students are hoping for better dress up days next year, but overall everyone had fun.