Pep Rally 2017

By: Gabi Sonnenberg

The pep rally is one of Sterling High School’s big events to get us ready for the homecoming football game, to set the mood.  

The 2017 pep rally started off with the SHS cheerleaders hyping up the crowd. Unfortunately the cheerleaders did not get to perform their state routine for the state routine. Freshman, cheerleader Alexia Cure said “Yeah I was disappointed that we didn’t get to perform our state routine, but of course I had lots of fun being able to cheer at the pep rally. It was an amazing experience and I’m happy I got to spend it with my sister.”  

The pep rally had fun mini games and challenges that students out of the audience got to participate in. One of the games consisted of senior volleyball players serving balls over the net while senior Golfers tried to catch them in huge pants. “It was my first year at Sterling high and I had lots of fun watching the pep rally.” Said Senior, Rayleen Brown.  

The football players of course had a chance to participate. Junior varsity and Varsity football players competed against each other, in an activity where they lined up single file and tried to pull every player through their legs without letting go of one another’s hand, and whoever finished the fastest won the game. Later two student council members competed in a lip sync battle, it was fun to watch and listen to and the students really enjoyed it. Freshman, Jaden Newson ended up winning that competition against junior, Jace Pittman. The students then had a game for the special needs students, and volunteer Kaitlynn Prelle. That consisted of scooters, basket balls, and balloons. Kids would race to do one layup, then run to the other half of the gym and back with a balloon, and then have their partner push them across half of the gym and back on a scooter. The students who played that looked like they really enjoyed themselves.  

Despite the fact that the cheerleaders were unable to perform their planned state routine, they led the crowd in cheers that thrilled students and staff alike.