September Tigress of the Month


By: Cristen Kircher

This year’s September tigress of the month is Bre Freeland who plays varsity volleyball as well as soccer and she maintains an average GPA of 2.5. Freeland has been playing both volleyball and soccer since she was  five years old. To play sports at  Sterling  High  School you have to hold yourself accountable for keeping up with your grades and  not let the team downsays Freeland.

Freeland has been playing these sports  throughout high school but does not plan on playing in college. It is not easy for me to keep all of my grades up. I have to work extra hard to  maintain  good grades while playing sports.” When she graduates, she plans to go to Northeastern Junior College here in Sterling Colorado.  Freeland wants to go to become an athletic trainer.  However, she will have to go to another college to finish her  schooling for her chosen career.

Freeland’s favorite subject in school is science because it coincides with what she wants to do after college.  Bre Freeland has worked so hard to accomplish what she wants and has accepted all of the hard work that comes along with it because she knows it will pay of in the end.