Tigress of the Month November

By: Emily Gemaelich

Chyanne Gidd
Cheyanne Giddings

November tigress of the month is senior Cheyanne Giddings who participates in cheerleading, and maintains an average GPA of 3.0. Giddings had been on the cheer team for two years. “The thing I love more about cheerleading is being able to support my fellow classmates . . . and competing in competitions with my squad” Giddings says. Aside from school and cheerleading, Cheyanne also likes to do a variety of other things. A few of those things include taking her dogs on walks, spending time with family and friends, and doing anything art related. Concerning future college plans, she says that she is interested in, “photography and pottery” but is “still searching for the right school with the best art program.” Going ten years ahead in time can change so much, especially when you are a high school student. When Giddings was asked where she sees herself in ten years, she replied, “I see myself working in the field I really enjoy which would be art. I love photography and art and I would want to be doing anything art related and I see myself being successful in that field.” High school is a big part of life that everybody has to go through at some point. Often times, people regret things and wish they could change a few things. “If I could change one thing, it would be getting involved with more, sooner. I wish I would’ve joined clubs or sports my freshman year and had a four year experience.” Giddings claims. Everybody has a person in their life who inspires them; for Cheyanne, that person is her mother. “My mom is the person I look uo to. She is a strong woman and she is the reason why I want to succeed in life. My goal is to always make my mom proud.” She says. Many of the underclassmen at Sterling High School have one goal, and that is to make it through and graduate. Cheyanne’s advice to underclassmen is, “Enjoy this time that you have now. You only have four years and we all get it once in a lifetime so enjoy these four years and be involved with your classmates and your school. You’ll be surprised how much of a family bond you can create with your classmates.” Senior Cheyanne Giddings is a great example of a leader at Sterling High School. She shows great leadership by giving good advice and helping others. Giddings is also a great example to our underclassmen at Sterling High School.

Tiger Teacher November

By: Gabby Sonnenberg

Tiger Teacher bus
Mr. Busmente

October teacher of the month is Mr. Busmente. Busmente received a Bachelor Degree
from Western Colorado University in Gunnison Colorado. He also earned a Master’s degree from Concordia University located in Irvine California. He teaches four courses: Integrated Social Science, World History , and American Government(regular and AP). Besides a full teaching load Mr. Busmente coaches football which he has been doing for 17 years and a total of 18 years at SHS. The years of high school are when you learn what your dreams are and that’s exactly what Busmente learned. Mr. Busmente started teaching because “I was always interested in the subjects that I have come to teach.”
He really enjoyed learning about history. “I liked learning about it, and my football coach was a big part of that influence” he states. “The football coach was the person everyone would go to and I wanted to be that person,” Busmente says.

Although teaching four different courses is a challenge, Busmente enjoys it. Mr. Busmente enjoys teaching all of his classes, but “I like that in my government classes you get to learn about [both politics and history]. I also like the contemporary issues aspect of World History,” he states. Although teaching is hard work there is an upside to it for Mr. Busmente. “Of course there are some pains but there’s nothing I really dislike,” he says. Students are not the only ones who learn, teachers learn more about their subjects all the time. Although teachers can be overlooked, teaching is a lot of work and a big responsibility. His favorite part about teaching is, “Getting with the younger people and helping them to look at things in a different way” he says. His goal is to really make sure that students are not just looking at it in one perspective but observing it in multiple ways. Mr. Busmente is one of the many hardworking teachers that want the best for their students. He manages to teach four different courses every day while also coaching the football season. He enjoys teaching all of his classes because he likes to learn more about the subjects as well. Mr. Busmente is a very caring spirit and it’s no wonder why all of his students love and respect him. He cares very much about his students and is very proud of his work and what his students have accomplished.

Tiger Scholar of the Month

By: Destiny Boden

emily FlekTiger Scholar for November is Senior Emily Fleckenstein. Fleckenstein keeps a GPA of
approximately 3.8, while participating in many school activities including, Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). She believes that underclassmen should, “be as involved as [they] can [in high school] and don’t take the easy way out through high school because college will be a lot harder [than high school].” Although she sticks to her studies, she doesn’t miss out on being involved with the school through many extra curricular activities. Emily is the FBLA student President and HOSA’s student Vice President. She has been in FBLA and HOSA since her sophomore year. Emily admits, “every once in awhile it gets stressful [balancing school and activities], but I manage it by making sure I have time and prioritizing school over all of [her extra curricular activities].” Emily is currently enrolled in four college classes: college algebra, Biology 111, composition 2, and AP government. She plans to continue college after her senior year at the University of Northern Colorado. Emily explained that her biggest accomplishment so far is “
making it to senior year.” Fleckenstein plans on going into nursing after as her future career. “Medicine really interested me and I love helping people who need it,” she explained. She just recently applied at University of Northern Colorado.
“In ten years I see myself probably working in a hospital with
my family,” Emily imagined. While reminiscing on her years in high school she wouldn’t change a thing about it.
“I think [high school] is fine the way it was,” she recounted. Fleckenstein is a wonderful role model and has brilliant advice for upperclassmen and underclassmen alike. “I try to make everyone involved and feel included. I also try to keep a positive attitude,”
Emily stated. Fleckenstein is a very valuable student here at SHS. She has accomplished much throughout her high school years and we hope she will continue to accomplish many amazing things in the years to come. Even though her high school career is almost over, there are many new adventures yet to come. Fleckenstein will be missed dearly next year. Thank you for everything you do for this school and keep up the great work!

Tiger of the Month November

By: Baylee Dorcey

Jace pitt
Jace Pittman

November’s Tiger of the Month is senior Jace Pittman! Pittman is a track and field fiend
whose love for sports is only rivaled by his patriotism. While his dream is to become a congressman in Washington DC, a degree in chemical engineering is not out of the question as our own Mr. Cuba inspired Pittman’s love for it. After graduation, he plans to either attend the United States Air Force Academy or in the South Dakota School of Mines. There he intends to participate in track and field activities and major in chemical engineering or political science. Choosing on a major could decide where he attends college because one may not be apart of the school’s available courses.
His favorite holiday is the Fourth of July because of his love for this country. His role
models are the founding fathers, such as Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. When asked why he selected those role models, he explained, “They stood for what they believed in. They limited their [political] powers and their pride to protect others.” In fact, his favorite book is a book co-wrote by our president Donald Trump alongside journalist, Tony Schwartz called, “Trump: Art of the Deal”.
When he’s not appreciating our country or hitting the books to maintain
his 3.62 GPA, Pittman can be found hunting, participating in sports, or “fishing with da bois [hanging out with friends and maybe fishing].” Another one of his activities is Tech Club, where he’s the vice president. Unfortunately, Tech Club has to share the stage
with track and homework, but sometimes sacrifices must be made for our futures.
Jace Pittman may be graduating in 2019, but he leaves behind someone to measure up to
what he was to this school, also known as, his younger sister freshman Kami Pittman. His advice to underclassmen is simple and sweet, “Stick with your studies. In the beginning it might not be what you want but if you keep working at it, it will all be worth it.” His advice could also be applied to life in general, which is perhaps what makes it so powerful. Pittman’s dedication and unique perspective brightens Sterling High School’s halls and without him, it will be a much different place.

Awaited Opportunities


Anita Garcia

By: Mia Parras

This Fall of 2018, Sterling High School welcomed three new exchange students with open arms. Maria Exposito- Gomez and Antia Garcia from Spain and Prim Rattanamas from Thailand all came to the United States to find new opportunities and experience a once in a lifetime occasion. All three girls know multiple languages but still strive to learn more as they progress here in Sterling High School.
These students feel that “people here are so kind” in Maria’s words but it is a thought shared by all three girl as they feel they integrated well and they all enjoy the atmosphere that Sterling High has to offer. Maria and Anita feel as if they keep so occupied here with friends and activities that they do not have time to miss home, Prim on the other hand does sometimes miss home and wants to be with her family.
The girls love their classes here because they have more choice in the classes they get to take where as where they came from “the school was so strict and they had no electives” said Prim. Prim and Maria both said that physical science with Mr. Cuba is the class they enjoy the most because it is the easiest for them, Anita feels as if weight training with Mr. Mendenhall is the easiest class for her because it is all physical work.

Prim y Maria(exchange).jpeg
Maria Exposito- Gomez and Prim Rattanamas

Advice Anita would give to students wanting to do a program such as a foreign exchange program would be, “If you have the chance to go then just do it because it is an amazing opportunity that not everyone gets.”. Prim and Maria said “A foreign exchange program gives you a chance to find something new that you would not have been able to explore before.”.
The reasons these girls chose to come to the United states all varied but they all centered around being able to travel, learn and experience new cultures while continuing to learn and grow. These three girls took the opportunity of a lifetime and hopefully we can learn from them just as much as they learn from us.