Tiger Teacher November

By: Gabby Sonnenberg

Tiger Teacher bus
Mr. Busmente

October teacher of the month is Mr. Busmente. Busmente received a Bachelor Degree
from Western Colorado University in Gunnison Colorado. He also earned a Master’s degree from Concordia University located in Irvine California. He teaches four courses: Integrated Social Science, World History , and American Government(regular and AP). Besides a full teaching load Mr. Busmente coaches football which he has been doing for 17 years and a total of 18 years at SHS. The years of high school are when you learn what your dreams are and that’s exactly what Busmente learned. Mr. Busmente started teaching because “I was always interested in the subjects that I have come to teach.”
He really enjoyed learning about history. “I liked learning about it, and my football coach was a big part of that influence” he states. “The football coach was the person everyone would go to and I wanted to be that person,” Busmente says.

Although teaching four different courses is a challenge, Busmente enjoys it. Mr. Busmente enjoys teaching all of his classes, but “I like that in my government classes you get to learn about [both politics and history]. I also like the contemporary issues aspect of World History,” he states. Although teaching is hard work there is an upside to it for Mr. Busmente. “Of course there are some pains but there’s nothing I really dislike,” he says. Students are not the only ones who learn, teachers learn more about their subjects all the time. Although teachers can be overlooked, teaching is a lot of work and a big responsibility. His favorite part about teaching is, “Getting with the younger people and helping them to look at things in a different way” he says. His goal is to really make sure that students are not just looking at it in one perspective but observing it in multiple ways. Mr. Busmente is one of the many hardworking teachers that want the best for their students. He manages to teach four different courses every day while also coaching the football season. He enjoys teaching all of his classes because he likes to learn more about the subjects as well. Mr. Busmente is a very caring spirit and it’s no wonder why all of his students love and respect him. He cares very much about his students and is very proud of his work and what his students have accomplished.