Masthead Tiger Sketch by alumni Emily Weiss

Danessa Allen

I am a 2-year track athlete and I also love to write. I’d love to be a journalist or a special education teacher in the future. I hope to go to a college like UNC and then get a teaching license. For the rest of high school, I plan on continuing journalism and improving on my writing ability. Class: Sophomore Year in Journalism: First

                                                                  Amarise Buanteo

I transferred to SHS last year from Colorado Springs. I do basketball choir and theatre. I want to major in journalism and minor in theatre. I enjoy writing about the band and most of the sports teams. Class:Junior Year of journalism: first

Kirsten Hernandez

I transferred to SHS from Brush High School this year. I love the outdoors, listening to music and spending time with friends. Class: Junior   Year in Journalism: Second

Hannah Mildenberger

I was born and raised in Sterling, Colorado and I enjoy watching Netflix, reading books, and playing video games. My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw and my Illvormorny house is Horned Serpent.

Amela Nevaljalovic

I am a foreign exchange student from a small European country called Bosnia and Herzegovina. My passion is travelling and listening to music. At SHS I started practicing cross-country and soccer for the first time. Also I am actively involved with FBLA and Knowledge Bowl. In my country I am a youth activist and I volunteer with many NGOs.                                                                   Class: Junior     Year in Journalism: First


Most of our contributors for this 2016-2017 school year will be former Journalism students, whom still act as worthy voices for our school and community.

Abby Cross

I am the ads manager of the Bengal Cry.I am a lifeguard and I really enjoy my job. I will be attending the University of Northern Colorado in the fall of 2017. Class: Senior   Year in Journalism: Fourth

Katlyn LaPorte

I write the Tiger and Tigress athlete stories every month. I really enjoy cheerleading and watching Netflix. I’ll be attending University of Northern Colorado in the fall to study criminal justice. Class: Senior Year in Journalism: Fourth

Ethan Robinson

I was born in Amarillo, Texas. I have lived in New Jersey and, most recently, Japan. For five years I attended Hokkaido International School and was the editor for their news site, the Husky Pulse. My father now works at NJC as a theatre professor. I look forward to working with the Bengal Cry for my senior year. Class: Senior Year of Journalism: Third

Kayla Smithgall

I am the editor of the Bengal Cry. I like to take pictures, travel with my family and create things. I will be attending Northeastern Junior College after I graduate. Class: Senior Year in Journalism: Fourth

Amber Antinora

I like band, French and I’m a large advocate for religious, racial, gender, sexuality and social class equality. I spend a great deal of my time looking at different angles of politics and I like to think I’m an understanding person. Class: Junior   Year in Journalism: First

Gracie Bacon

Gracie 2
I play volleyball (year round), basketball and soccer. My favorite type of food is Mexican food. My favorite color is purple and my most preferred candy is either Sour Patch Kids or Kit Kats. I enjoy writing, traveling, spending time with friends and family and playing sports. Class: Junior   Year in Journalism: First


Brynn Abernathy

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and animals. I am also involved in FBLA. I am excited to be writing for the Bengal Cry this year. Class: Junior   Year in Journalism: First


Sydney Goldenstein

I co-edit the Tiger Tales section of the Bengal Cry. I am in FCCLA and HOSA. I enjoy doing gymnastics and supporting our athletic teams. Class: Senior   Year in Journalism: Third

Kinzi Kaiser

I co-edit the Tiger Tales page. I’m student council executive vice president and I’m a drum major for the SHS band. I play clarinet and oboe and I’m involved in FBLA and HOSA. Class: Senior   Year in Journalism: Third


Tiger Journalists of Many Stripes

 Sevil Mamedovi

I am a foreign exchange student from the country Georgia. I love to draw, I enjoying acting and dancing and I also like to share my culture. Class: Junior   Year in Journalism: First