Tiger of the Month

By: Destiny Boden

Tiger of month for October is senior Isaac Harris. He plays football in the Fall, basketball in the Winter and participates in track during the spring. He does all of this while maintaining a 3.75 GPA. This may seem overwhelming but he says, “I don’t think it’s very hard. I treat sports as a privilege, if you don’t get good grades you can’t play, so I take pride in my school work [which] allows me to play.”
Harris does many things throughout the sports seasons. In basketball he is varsity
point guard, during football he starts varsity as either wide receiver or cornerback, and in track he participates in four track events, running the 100 and 200 yard dash, the 4×100, and he does the long jump. When he’s not playing or in class, he does many other outdoor activities. “I go fishing, hunting, and play disc golf,” Harris reflected.
Isaac Harris has been playing both football and basketball since 3rd grade and has been in track since 4th grade. “Whatever sport I’m in the season for, I treat as my favorite,” he
said. He is also an avid leader throughout all his teams and towards his fellow classmates. “With all of my teams I’m a vocal leader. I get the guys or team pumped up by saying chants, or even just talking to them one on one. Leading by example is a big part too that I like to do,” Harris recalled.

Harris plans on going to college but is undecided about which school. He stated, “College
right now is undecided for me at the moment [and I’m] just waiting to see the offers I can get to go play sports at the colleges.”
Harris is an incredible senior athlete and will be missed next year when he graduates. He is a great example of a leader in our school athletics and academics. He has much
advice to give to incoming freshmen but most importantly he believes that underclassmen should know, “Always be responsible! Responsibility in high school is needed every day.” Isaac Harris is doing an outstanding job in all his classes and on his teams. We should all follow his brilliant example of a good student and a good athlete.


Homecoming Game 2018

By: Amanda FergusonFootball game

2018-2019’s homecoming football game was against the Scottsbluff Bearcats on Friday,
September 14th. Students were hyped up for the game, and everyone was repping our school colors. A little after seven the football players took the field. The student section
was pumped full of excitement for our Tigers. A tunnel created by the Sterling High School Marching Band and the SHS cheerleaders, for the players to run through. The
crowd went wild. The people in the stands watched as the Tigers played as hard as they could, even though in the end the victory was not theirs. However, the tiger spirit reigned supreme with the fans during the halftime show, put on by the SHS Marching band and the cheerleaders. Senior Katie Moore says, “I liked watching the halftime show.
The band did great.”
͟The halftime show had the people in the stands amazed by what the Band members
could do. The band marched and played very well entertaining everyone. Recognizing that the SHS Marching Band is a huge part of the tiger football games so we had to have a statement from one of the band members. Freshman Terry Alles says, “Being able to go on the field during the show and having the ability to run around. It is fun to be able to play the music and have fun with it, while getting the crowd excited.”
This is her first year and she had a lot of fun preforming for the halftime show. What the Sterling Tigers lacked in points scored was made-up for in the support of the fans, and the enthusiasm of the band and team alike.

September Tiger of the Month


Jayson Frank september.PNG

By: Emily Gemaehlich

September tiger of the month is senior Jayson Frank he is involved in football,
basketball, as well as track and field. “What I love about all three of these sports is the opportunity to go onto the court or the field or the track with my fellow brothers and sisters and showcase the talents that God has blessed me with. I have been able to build lasting relationships over these past few years of sports that I wouldn’t trade for the world! On top of that, it has been an honor to put on my jersey and represent my school.” Frank says.

Aside from all of these sports, he also manages to keep an average GPA of 3.3. “It actually isn’t hard to balance school with sports but I let my grades slip early in my high school career so I have been working to get my GPA back up.” Jayson says.

I asked what his favorite sport to play was and he said that “It’s hard to choose my favorite out of these three but I think the one that has played the biggest role in my life is basketball.” He also adds, “I have grown up with a basketball in my hands and have spent years improving my game. I will always have an unconditional love for the game of basketball and where it has gotten me today.”

Since Frank is a senior, he will be graduating in May. his plan is to go to college to play basketball or compete in track and field. Jayson is a very smart student and talented athlete. We hope that his last year is a great one and he keeps on playing.

2017 Football; Season Wrap up


By: Jayden Newson

Friday night lights, there is nothing else like it. The fresh Cut grass, the roaring of the crowd, whistles being blown, the adrenaline running through your veins. The SHS football season had all of the things that makes Sterling Tiger Football the best way to spend a Friday Night. For some, this last time they would ever get the feeling.  

Isaac Harris a junior, position wide receiver, had a special bond with this year’s senior class. He said, “I’ll miss the relationship I had with each of them.” Harris also talked about how each one was different and he loved each of them in their own way. Harris’s best game in his opinion was playing against the Eaton Reds during the regular season. With three touchdowns and one of those a kick return. “Bodie and I were just clicking on all levels, we were just in sync” His favorite memory from this season was hot tubbing every Thursday before games. “It was a relaxing and pregame routine.” he stated.  

Senior, Bodie Hume is our former quarterback. Who has been our varsity quarterback for three out of his four years at SHS. Hume is an extremely talented athlete who had two outstanding games this season. “It depends on the perspective of others. I had seven touchdowns in the game against Fort Lupton, but I threw a pick. I threw five touchdowns and two running against Valley with zero picks. So it all depends on the person.” he said. Hume’s favorite memory from this season was when he threw a touchdown pass to every receiver during the Fort Lupton game. “I’m really going to miss the guys and coaches I played with. There a lot of memories there that I gotta cherish with those guy, .” Hume said. Hume’s advice to underclassmen, “Just put work in! It’ll get you as far as you can imagine with a great heart and putting work in.” 

Senior, Christian Rose has played multiple positions, wide receiver, safety, a punter and lastly  kick returner. Offensively, Rose’s best game was D’Evelyn, and defensively it was against Resurrection Christian. “The feeling of getting to put on the black and orange, and go ball out [play] with my brothers in between the white stripes. I’ll remember the friends I made more than anything,” Rose recalled for his favorite memory. He says he is going to miss everything about football: “…The grind,coaches,teammates. Friday night lights. If I had to put it down to one thing, it would be the feeling of just catching a football, and making plays on the gridiron, there’s nothing like it in the world.” Rose’s advice to underclassmen is, “When you don’t feel like giving your one hundred percent in a drill, or you don’t wanna lift in the offseason, do it. Always go one hundred percent cause before you know it, it’s over, and you don’t have anymore chances. Always give your best effort and attention on everything you do.”  

Coach Rob Busemente has been the head coach for the Tigers for five years. Busemente felt that overall they had a pretty good season. “We had set goals and some we had achieved. The key was the guys controlling the process to get the goal.” However,  There was not just one thing they are planning to focus on next season. Busemente talked about improving each other in all aspects, and he talked about trying hard to  improve every year. “Whether it’s working on making sure no one is ineligible, just all kinds of things.” He stated “The seniors did a good job in the leadership aspect and accepting the role that they had.” Busemente said.  

With only three home football games the Tigers did not disappoint. Winning every game and having a blowout homecoming game to ice the cake for homecoming week. The Tigers ended up falling to Eaton in the first round of playoffs 24-13. They finished with 7-3 record this season. We are proud of you boys.