Tiger of the Month November

By: Baylee Dorcey

Jace pitt
Jace Pittman

November’s Tiger of the Month is senior Jace Pittman! Pittman is a track and field fiend
whose love for sports is only rivaled by his patriotism. While his dream is to become a congressman in Washington DC, a degree in chemical engineering is not out of the question as our own Mr. Cuba inspired Pittman’s love for it. After graduation, he plans to either attend the United States Air Force Academy or in the South Dakota School of Mines. There he intends to participate in track and field activities and major in chemical engineering or political science. Choosing on a major could decide where he attends college because one may not be apart of the school’s available courses.
His favorite holiday is the Fourth of July because of his love for this country. His role
models are the founding fathers, such as Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. When asked why he selected those role models, he explained, “They stood for what they believed in. They limited their [political] powers and their pride to protect others.” In fact, his favorite book is a book co-wrote by our president Donald Trump alongside journalist, Tony Schwartz called, “Trump: Art of the Deal”.
When he’s not appreciating our country or hitting the books to maintain
his 3.62 GPA, Pittman can be found hunting, participating in sports, or “fishing with da bois [hanging out with friends and maybe fishing].” Another one of his activities is Tech Club, where he’s the vice president. Unfortunately, Tech Club has to share the stage
with track and homework, but sometimes sacrifices must be made for our futures.
Jace Pittman may be graduating in 2019, but he leaves behind someone to measure up to
what he was to this school, also known as, his younger sister freshman Kami Pittman. His advice to underclassmen is simple and sweet, “Stick with your studies. In the beginning it might not be what you want but if you keep working at it, it will all be worth it.” His advice could also be applied to life in general, which is perhaps what makes it so powerful. Pittman’s dedication and unique perspective brightens Sterling High School’s halls and without him, it will be a much different place.

Tiger of the Month

By: Destiny Boden

Tiger of month for October is senior Isaac Harris. He plays football in the Fall, basketball in the Winter and participates in track during the spring. He does all of this while maintaining a 3.75 GPA. This may seem overwhelming but he says, “I don’t think it’s very hard. I treat sports as a privilege, if you don’t get good grades you can’t play, so I take pride in my school work [which] allows me to play.”
Harris does many things throughout the sports seasons. In basketball he is varsity
point guard, during football he starts varsity as either wide receiver or cornerback, and in track he participates in four track events, running the 100 and 200 yard dash, the 4×100, and he does the long jump. When he’s not playing or in class, he does many other outdoor activities. “I go fishing, hunting, and play disc golf,” Harris reflected.
Isaac Harris has been playing both football and basketball since 3rd grade and has been in track since 4th grade. “Whatever sport I’m in the season for, I treat as my favorite,” he
said. He is also an avid leader throughout all his teams and towards his fellow classmates. “With all of my teams I’m a vocal leader. I get the guys or team pumped up by saying chants, or even just talking to them one on one. Leading by example is a big part too that I like to do,” Harris recalled.

Harris plans on going to college but is undecided about which school. He stated, “College
right now is undecided for me at the moment [and I’m] just waiting to see the offers I can get to go play sports at the colleges.”
Harris is an incredible senior athlete and will be missed next year when he graduates. He is a great example of a leader in our school athletics and academics. He has much
advice to give to incoming freshmen but most importantly he believes that underclassmen should know, “Always be responsible! Responsibility in high school is needed every day.” Isaac Harris is doing an outstanding job in all his classes and on his teams. We should all follow his brilliant example of a good student and a good athlete.