September Tigress of the Month


By: Cristen Kircher

This year’s September tigress of the month is Bre Freeland who plays varsity volleyball as well as soccer and she maintains an average GPA of 2.5. Freeland has been playing both volleyball and soccer since she was  five years old. To play sports at  Sterling  High  School you have to hold yourself accountable for keeping up with your grades and  not let the team downsays Freeland.

Freeland has been playing these sports  throughout high school but does not plan on playing in college. It is not easy for me to keep all of my grades up. I have to work extra hard to  maintain  good grades while playing sports.” When she graduates, she plans to go to Northeastern Junior College here in Sterling Colorado.  Freeland wants to go to become an athletic trainer.  However, she will have to go to another college to finish her  schooling for her chosen career.

Freeland’s favorite subject in school is science because it coincides with what she wants to do after college.  Bre Freeland has worked so hard to accomplish what she wants and has accepted all of the hard work that comes along with it because she knows it will pay of in the end.


Lady Tigers Volleyball

By: Camden Shepherd

The volleyball season comes to a close with the Lady Tigers continuing a six year streak of making it to the state tournament. This streak has made history for Sterling High School. Even though the Lady Tigers fell to Lutheran in the last set, spirits stayed high and no drama ensued. Head coach Lisa Schumacher, Allie Schumacher, and Lauren Luft can all confirm this. 

Lisa Schumacher has been the volleyball coach for many years and for many years we have been dominate in this sport. She has over 400 career wins and she earned the 400th win on our own home court, along with her daughter, Freshman Allie Schumacher, on the court. Coach Schumacher recently received the prestigious Pioneer award for her excellence in coaching. Coach Schumacher has been an inspiration for the team, even when she was just an assistant coach. Schumacher is a strong head coach and can coach just about anyone. 

Schumacher was asked what her favorite moment from this season was. Schumacher replied, “Beating Colorado Academy, after being down 0-2 and winning the next two sets and the final set to go to state.” Coach Schumacher was very proud of how all of her girls worked together as a team as friends, but even more importantly, as a family.  

When asked what she would miss most about this year’s graduating senior class she said, “I will miss their leadership and hard work. They were lots of fun and had great attitudes. They were cooperative and had a great willingness to teach the younger athletes.” Schumacher took responsibility for these girls and she has grown to love every minute she’s with them. The seniors will of course be missed, but there is much potential rising with every new face that comes to the program. 

Finally when asked what advice she had for the upcoming players, Schumacher responded happily with her own philosophy. “Work hard and keep a good attitude for the team. The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Head coach Lisa Schumacher has truly been an inspiration and leader for all of the girls that have gone through this program. 

Coach Schumacher’s own daughter, Freshman Allie Schumacher, started her first year on the varsity as a setter. Freshman Allie Schumacher is proud to say that she was on the court and contributing to the team when her mother got her 400th win of her coaching career. Allie Schumacher had 12 Kills, 122 Digs, 30 Aces, and 291 assists just this season. Allie Schumacher definitely contributed to the good vibes throughout the team. 

Allie Schumacher has big plans for her future, as she states, “I want to play college volleyball somewhere BIG! I’m also aspiring to be a pediatric nurse someday.” Freshman Allie Schumacher may be making big plans, but she also takes time to notice the little things in life. Whether it was the awesome bus rides, the occasional dance moves shown off at practice, or even the crazy team talks before a game. 

Freshman Allie Schumacher did however, have a role model this season. “I definitely looked up to Senior Kyndall Feather the most. She is an amazing player and is going to do big things someday. Kyndall is game smart and by far has the best ball handling skills. I’ve looked up to her ever since she was a freshman.” Freshman Allie Schumacher chose Senior Kyndall Feather because of her amazing talent and skill. Feather truly inspired Schumacher to be who she is today. 

Lauren Luft is a senior with some impressive skills. Luft usually ranks near the top when it comes to kills. Though she is now preparing for college, she plans to continue to the next level of her volleyball career. Luft was asked what she would miss most about high school volleyball, she responded, “I’ll miss being able to play with the team and how close we all were.” Luft would miss the special bonds she made with her teammates most of all. Luft also said, “My favorite tradition was when we would all go and get food with each other, or even when we would make the volleyballs that we would throw into the crowd.” Luft was saddened to see her final high school season go by, but now she is preparing for college and what lies ahead 

The Sterling Lady Tigers Volleyball Program has been an elite program for many years. The team has been dominant and prosperous and shall continue to be so. As the program grows, so do it’s skills. This has been proved many times, but recently by Head Coach Lisa Schumacher. Schumacher has recently won the distinguished Pioneer Award for her excellence as a coach. From the players, the coach, even to the fans, this program is growing. A new year is coming, bringing new faces and new challenges to Sterling Lady Tigers Volleyball. 

Lady Tigers Dig to State

By Kinzi Kaiser

The SHS volleyball team ended with 13 wins and 14 losses for this season. The Tigers finished at state in the top 12.

The team made it to state by winning against Vanguard and Middle Park at regionals on November 6. At state, the team lost to both University and Manitou Springs.

“Our team obviously grew during the season. Our team was very young this year, so we started with little experience. Others did not have high expectations of us for this season, but we grew strong enough to finish it at state,” said Head Coach Lisa Schumacher.

“The season was definitely tough. The best part about this season for me was being able to end my senior year with the girls it all started with. We didn’t have the height but we had the spirit,” said senior Josie Blagg.

Varsity players for the 2015 season were seniors Josie Blagg, Sierra Fleharty, Tayler Shino and Khalie Tidemann. Juniors were Kylie Chavez and Jessica Holloway. Sophomores were Kyndall Feather, Lauryn Luft, Peyton Huss, Kinzie Davis, Gracie Bacon and Kirstyn Fritzler. Freshmen were Sadie Holloway and Trennary Cartwright.

For kills this season, Chavez (229), Feather (118), Luft (113), Blagg (73), Tidemann (71), Davis (69), Shino (21), Fritzler (7), Cartwright (5), Bacon (2) and Fleharty (1).

Serving aces for the season were Feather (73), Tidemann (29), Fleharty (27), Blagg (26), Chavez (23), Luft (14), Shino (13), J. Holloway (2), Davis (2) and S. Holloway (1).

Total blocks for the season were Luft (74), Chavez (42), Tidemann (42), Blagg (40), Davis (30), Feather (29) and Shino (8).

Digs for the season were Shino (341), Feather (338), Fleharty (306), Chavez (281), Blagg (183), Tidemann (82), Luft (64), J. Holloway (57), Davis (30), S. Holloway (11), Fritzler (5) and Cartwright (3).

Assists for the season were Feather (383), J. Holloway (66), Chavez (59), Blagg (22), Luft (11), Davis (9) and Tidemann (3).

Serving received successes for the season were Shino (360), Fleharty (323), Blagg (247), Chavez (195), Feather (171), Tidemann (26), S. Holloway (26), J. Holloway (19), Davis (11), Luft (9), Fritzler (2), and Bacon (1).

“This year was good, and I feel like everyone did their best and gave it their all to accomplish what we did. We had ups and downs, but we were always a team. Anything we did this season we did as a team; all the wins were won together, and we fought together through all the losses. I’m proud of how well we did this year and all we accomplished,” said Chavez.

“I think we really have come far from where we started. We were young and have really stepped it up since the beginning of the season. I can’t wait to see how far we can go in the future,” said J. Holloway.


Coach Schumacher encourages the girls during a timeout.