Family Traditions of Halloween

By: Gabby Sonnenberg

As most people know Halloween is right around the corner. People are putting decorations up, finding costumes, and making goodies. People celebrate Halloween in many ways, there’s probably a million different ways to do Halloween. Halloween isn’t just about the free candy. Halloween is about spending time with friends and family, and celebrating traditions. People have different traditions for every holiday, and Halloween is no exception.
Sophomore, Jaden Newson celebrates her Halloween in a very special way “My sisters and I always dress up together. We go trick or treating and then go home and watch scary movies as a family.” She states that although she didn’t get to continue her family tradition last year, she plans to return to her roots this year.

Jaden, Emeri, Sophie Newson
Jaden, Emori, Sophie Newson 

We all have a favorite Halloween memory, and for Junior, Dillon Cranwell, his favorite Halloween memory is as a kid, he stole all the candy from the trick or treaters, hid with it, and ate it all up.
What’s a tradition without family? Hailey Simants says “I always dressed up and went to all my family member’s houses. I would go see all my grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles. Then we’d go to the house on Beattie Street that is always decorated super cool. I always got scared by the fake ghost decoration. After that I just went home and ate way too much candy”.

Rylan Swingle.JPG
Rylan Swingle

Senior, Rylan Swingle “Every year we would start the evening by going to the Trick-or-Treat Street at the Rec Center and seeing all the cool and scary costumes of the people working. After that we would go to my grandparents’ house and spend hours goofing around and greeting trick or treaters at the door to scare them.” As he got older he moved on from those traditions. He now enjoys going to haunted houses and corn mazes with his friends.
If you’re a Sterling High School student you can not only celebrate Halloween at home but at school too. Students are allowed to wear their costumes this year. Some tips to remember, is that you can’t have face paint, and no face masks. Have fun and be safe SHS students.


Tiger Scholar of the Month

By: Cristen Kircher

This year’s Sterling High School October Tiger Scholar is senior Kevin Kulinenka. Kevin maintains a grade point average of 3.7. Kulinenka has been playing soccer for a long time now, but has played varsity soccer for two years and loves this sport. Although he
loves playing soccer, he will not continue to play in college due to larger goals he has for his life in the near future.

Kevin is very particular on how well he does in school which is why when it comes to school work, other parts of his life have to be set aside. Kevin stated, “I make as much time for school as I need and to do that I spend a lot of my free time studying and making sure I do my absolute best in school”.

Kulinenka’s favorite thing to do outside of school is play soccer and hang out with his friends, this is when he has accomplished all the school work he needed too. Kevin takes pride in his school work because he wants to be very successful in his future. Also to participate in high school sports, athletes have to set a high standard for themselves and have a high enough grade point average, and Kevin cares about his grades and enjoys playing soccer way too much to let his grades fall behind.

Kulinenka is currently enrolled in one college class which is offered through Northeastern Junior College in Sterling Colorado which is Composition 1, but he takes this comp class here at Sterling High School. Kulinenka says “I plan on graduating early in December to go work on my brother’s friends’ boat in New York. Then once August comes around, I plan to attend West Virginia University for either nursing or astronautical engineering”.

Currently, his favorite subject in school is math because it seems to be very easy for him which will benefit him in nursing or engineering throughout college in the future. Kevin leaves an inspirational message for the younger classes and he urges, “Keep your head up and never give up”. School and sports can be a challenging combination sometimes, but you have to push yourself to be successful. Everything that Kulinenka has worked for will pay off in the end.

Tiger of the Month

By: Destiny Boden

Tiger of month for October is senior Isaac Harris. He plays football in the Fall, basketball in the Winter and participates in track during the spring. He does all of this while maintaining a 3.75 GPA. This may seem overwhelming but he says, “I don’t think it’s very hard. I treat sports as a privilege, if you don’t get good grades you can’t play, so I take pride in my school work [which] allows me to play.”
Harris does many things throughout the sports seasons. In basketball he is varsity
point guard, during football he starts varsity as either wide receiver or cornerback, and in track he participates in four track events, running the 100 and 200 yard dash, the 4×100, and he does the long jump. When he’s not playing or in class, he does many other outdoor activities. “I go fishing, hunting, and play disc golf,” Harris reflected.
Isaac Harris has been playing both football and basketball since 3rd grade and has been in track since 4th grade. “Whatever sport I’m in the season for, I treat as my favorite,” he
said. He is also an avid leader throughout all his teams and towards his fellow classmates. “With all of my teams I’m a vocal leader. I get the guys or team pumped up by saying chants, or even just talking to them one on one. Leading by example is a big part too that I like to do,” Harris recalled.

Harris plans on going to college but is undecided about which school. He stated, “College
right now is undecided for me at the moment [and I’m] just waiting to see the offers I can get to go play sports at the colleges.”
Harris is an incredible senior athlete and will be missed next year when he graduates. He is a great example of a leader in our school athletics and academics. He has much
advice to give to incoming freshmen but most importantly he believes that underclassmen should know, “Always be responsible! Responsibility in high school is needed every day.” Isaac Harris is doing an outstanding job in all his classes and on his teams. We should all follow his brilliant example of a good student and a good athlete.

Tiger Teacher

ms. splichal

By: Emily Gemaehlich

October teacher Tiger Teacher is Ms. Splichal who teaches English 1, English 4, Creative Writing, and Speech and Rhetoric. She has been a teacher for 14 years and this is her second year teaching at Sterling High School. Before Splichal came to SHS, she taught in Lincoln, Nebraska. “I came to Sterling to teach because I felt supported by families who are invested in their children. There is an expectation to take care of our youth and best prepare them for a productive future,” Splichal says.

Her favorite class to teach is Creative Writing. “During Creative Writing, we form a close knit bond. Being that the class size is smaller and we get to explore endless possibilities through composition; and the students mature in preparation for graduation.” she states. “Connecting with the individual personalities of my students inspired me to find ways to get them engaged in English/language arts.”

Aside from the positive things about teaching, there are also a few negative things. Splichal says, “I miss not keeping in touch with students after they graduate. There are few opportunities from bell to bell for students to let their guards down and just be.”
Becoming a teacher is a big responsibility and it is one of many jobs that often gets overlooked. Ms. Splichal became a teacher for one main reason. She says that teaching is extremely rewarding. “I am the mother of three teenagers and this career enables me to be actively involved with their development.”

Ms. Splichal graduated from UNL (University of Nebraska in Lincoln) and became a teacher after graduation. Ms. Splichal is a very hardworking teacher who cares very much about her students and the progress that they make throughout the year in her class. Her optimistic outlooks and responsible character makes her a wonderful teacher and a great example for students.

Pep-Rally 2018


By: Amanda Ferguson

Homecoming Pep-Rally for 2018-2019’s school year was on Friday, September 14th
in the Tiger Den. It commenced at 2:00 pm on Friday and went till the end of the school day. At the beginning the Sterling High School Cheerleaders along with the SHS Marching Band, got all the students and staff hyped-up. Once everyone was in the gym the senior class secretary, Maggie Alsup, got the rally started. The first activity began with the SHS Volleyball Players passing a ball with only their feet. The freshman went up against the upper classmen and lost. After that the boys’ soccer team was up and the varsity players went head to head on a relay. The next activity was the cross-country players, who played a larger version of tic-tac-toe. After they had finished it was time for the varsity softball players to compete. Each one had to partner up, one person had to stand above the other and drop tiny marshmallows into a cone that was held by the mouth of the other person. It then was time for members SHS golf team to compete against each other. In teams, they had to swing a tennis ball with their hips to knock plastic cups off the table. When we had a winner, it was time for the senior football players to go up against their freshman team mates. They held hands and pulled a hula hoop through the line of players. After the senior football players got done celebrating, it was time to show support to our new teachers with a game of pictionary. When they had finished it was time for the new teachers to go against the veteran teachers. Our SHS staff knew how to control balloons really well! After that, it was time for the lip sync battle; Juniors vs. Seniors. The seniors had the win when Greyson Dudley received a sugar shower from fellow seniors, Jace Pittman and Reid Kaiser. Junior Brayden Rodriquez states, “I liked when they poured sugar on Greyson Dudley.” The sibling relay was up next, as five pairs
of siblings went head to head to see who could win. Freshman Zoetta James says, “The sibling relay was my favorite because I liked watching them work together. It reminded me of my family.” The second to last activity was a relay for the Special Education Class. The whole crowd was cheering them on. At the very end there was a power point showing all of the pictures taken through-out the homecoming week. This year’s pep-rally was fun and full of exciting activities and we hope that it will continue to be that way.


Homecoming Week 2018

By: Danessa AllenEj Chavez.jpg

This year’s homecoming was filled with excitement and laughs for all, and this was made
possible because of the many activities that were included this year. The dress up days for homecoming were unique and fun for every grade, as we have never experienced a week like this. The dress up days this homecoming were as follows; Tuesday was “Dress Like a Younger Version of Yourself, ” Wednesday was “America Day,” Thursday was “Country vs. Country Club,” and Friday was of course, “Tiger Spirit Day.” The dress up days this year were a blast for all, seeing and participating in this year’s homecoming week was definitely worth it. Senior Cheyanne Giddings, a nominee for Homecoming royalty was asked what her favorite dress up day was, and she stated, “Tiger spirit day. I have always loved spirit day because it gives you the opportunity to see how much spirit our small school truly has.” Giddings added, “I think it is important to participate as much as you can on dress up days. You only get four years for this, make it count!”

Senior E.J. Chavez also had fun with this year’s homecoming, especially on the day where the students did a throwback to the past. Chavez’s favorite dress up day this year was “Dress like a Younger Version of Yourself.’’ When asked why that was his favorite day, he joked, “I liked it only because it gave me a reason to wear my onesie to school.”

This year’s dress up days were tons of fun for all who participated, and was an exciting way to celebrate the firsts and lasts of homecoming. Although each student had a different experience with Homecoming 2018, hopefully we all enjoyed a well-deserved week of laughs with our peers and community.

Homecoming Game 2018

By: Amanda FergusonFootball game

2018-2019’s homecoming football game was against the Scottsbluff Bearcats on Friday,
September 14th. Students were hyped up for the game, and everyone was repping our school colors. A little after seven the football players took the field. The student section
was pumped full of excitement for our Tigers. A tunnel created by the Sterling High School Marching Band and the SHS cheerleaders, for the players to run through. The
crowd went wild. The people in the stands watched as the Tigers played as hard as they could, even though in the end the victory was not theirs. However, the tiger spirit reigned supreme with the fans during the halftime show, put on by the SHS Marching band and the cheerleaders. Senior Katie Moore says, “I liked watching the halftime show.
The band did great.”
͟The halftime show had the people in the stands amazed by what the Band members
could do. The band marched and played very well entertaining everyone. Recognizing that the SHS Marching Band is a huge part of the tiger football games so we had to have a statement from one of the band members. Freshman Terry Alles says, “Being able to go on the field during the show and having the ability to run around. It is fun to be able to play the music and have fun with it, while getting the crowd excited.”
This is her first year and she had a lot of fun preforming for the halftime show. What the Sterling Tigers lacked in points scored was made-up for in the support of the fans, and the enthusiasm of the band and team alike.