Cross Country


2016 cross country awards:

First year varsity letter: Ons Laroussi, Shinyu Park, Humberto Guerrero, Chat Theerakitpaisal, Mona Aunjai, Esmeralda Guerrero, Amela Nevaljalovic, Sophia Boothby, Cassidy Amen, Justin Kassin, Joslyne Lopez, Amber Gibbs, Ananisia Gallegos, Dylan Cranwell and Adrian Aguirre.

Second year varsity letter: Adam Hernandez and Joseph Coakley.

Third year varisty letter: Kylee Harless, Sydney Wright, Jacob Schroeder, Rachael Northup and Rebecca Miller.

Fourth year varsity letter: Payton Swedlund

Boy captains: Adam Hernandez and Joseph Coakley.

Girl Captains: Kylee Harless, Rachael Northup and Rebecca Miller.

Outstanding Boy (9th): Dylan Cranwell

Outstanding Girl (9th): Amber Gibbs

Outstanding Boy (10th): Joseph Coakley

Outstanding Girl (10th):  Cassidy Amen

Outstanding Boy (11th): Jacob Schroeder

Outstanding Girl (11th): Rachael Northup

Outstanding Girls (12th): Payton Swedlund and Kylee Harless

Newcomer (Girl): Ananisia Gallegos

Newcomer (Boy): Humberto Guerrero

Perseverance: Ryan Lock

Compassionate: Ons Laroussi

Consistency: Chat Theerakitpaisal

Gratitude: Mona Aunjai

Assertive: Esmeralda Guerrero

Team Spark: Amela Nevaljalovic

Tiger: Sophia Boothby and Rebecca Miller.

Most Promising: Justin Kassin

Encourager: Sydney Wright

Most Improved (Girl): Joslyne Lopez

Most Improved (Boy): Shinyu Park

Miss XC: Rachael Northup

Mr. XC: Adam Hernandez



Photos taken by Kayla Smithgall

Coach Rael cheers on freshman Esmeralda Guerrero as she closes in on the finish line.


Sophomore Joseph Coakley races to beat his opponent.

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Photos taken by Kayla Smithgall

Senior Katelyn Pyle makes her way to the finish line.



The team huddles together at the end of their race.