March’s Tiger of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte

For his many accomplishments and tremendous talent in track and field, Austin Chavez is the Tiger of the Month for March.

Chavez was born on July 14, 1998 to his parents Jeff and Kristy Chavez. He is one of three triplets along with his brother, Mike, and his sister, Kylie. He also has an older brother, Drew. The family has a pet dog, Scooter.

Chavez has been doing track since middle school and has participated all throughout high school as well. He has already won a gold medal at the state track meet in high jump. The events he competes in are high jump and pole vault. His biggest supporters in track and field are his mom and dad.

“My favorite track memory is winning state in high jump,” said Chavez.

Next year Chavez is looking forward to competing in track and field at the University of Northern Colorado where he has already signed on.

Although track is his favorite sport, Chavez also played football all of his high school career.

His goal for his senior season is to take first place at state again.

Chavez wants to give a shout out to his best friends Jake Breidenbach, Brady Krier, and Dylan Prelle.

Aside from sports, Chavez really likes to work on cars and motorcycles. His favorite class is auto tech. His favorite food is grilled chicken, and his favorite animal is a tiger. He has a 3.3 GPA.

His favorite quote is, “My wallet may be empty but I got a lot of cool stuff.”

The advice Chavez wants to give to the underclassmen is, “Work hard and be patient. Trust the process.”



March’s Tigress of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte

For her outstanding soccer playing ability and her many years of extreme dedication, Jaycie Dillenburg is the Tigress of the Month for March.

Dillenburg was born on Sept. 19 1998 to her parents Rick and Linda Dillenburg. She has one older brother, Kyle and one older sister, Jenna. She has a pet yellow labrador named Cindy.

Dillenburg has been playing soccer since she was only five years old; it is her favorite sport. Her biggest supporters are her parents, her boyfriend, her friends from out of town, and her teammates. Dillenburg plays as a forward.

“The best part about soccer is I’m always able to have a good relationship with my teammates and we always find ways to have fun throughout the season,” said Dillenburg. “The worst part about soccer is having wind every single day of the season.”

“My goals for the rest of the soccer season are to break records, make it to the state playoffs, and overall have fun and make memories,” shared Dillenburg. 

“I’ve broken two records already, and I hope to break the number of goals in a career and the number of assists in a career as well,” exclaimed Dillenburg.

Dillenburg’s favorite high school soccer memory is all their games against Frontier Academy.

“I’m going to play soccer in college and hopefully still play at a university after graduating from NJC,” said Dillenburg.

After graduating from NJC Dillenburg hopes to either go to CSU or Regis and potentially play soccer.

Another sport Dillenburg plays is volleyball. She likes volleyball because she had teammates that she always had fun with, it was coached well, and because they had a successful season when no one thought that they would.

She wants to give a shout out to Jade Feather, “Because she’s cute and always makes me laugh,” said Dillenburg.

Although her favorite hobby is playing sports, she also keeps up well in school maintaining a 3.9 GPA.  Her favorite subject in school is math. She loves the show The Office and the books The Series of Unfortunate Events. Her favorite food is Italian food and her favorite holiday is Christmas. Dolphins are her favorite animal. Her greatest high school memories were all of the memories she made in sports. She lives by her favorite quote, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

In ten years, Dillenburg sees herself graduated from college, having a steady career, and starting a family.

Dillenburg’s advice to the underclassmen is, “Have as much fun as youcan in high school, whether it be in sports or not. Don’t let people convince you not to go to high school events like sporting events, prom, homecoming, etc., because you only get those for four years of your entire life and some of your best memories come from those moments.”


February’s Tigress of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte 

For her four years of commitment and accomplishments in basketball and track, Jenna Kellogg has been chosen for February’s Tiger of the Month.

Kellogg was born March 25, 1999, to her parents Jeff and Angie Kellogg. Alongside with her was her twin brother, Wade, she also has an older brother Zach. The family has a black lab named Sassy.

Kellogg has been playing basketball for as long as she can remember.

In basketball she plays all around, sometimes she plays as a guard and other times she plays as a post.

“As a senior in basketball I hope to win a state title with all the girls I’ve been playing with since 7th and 8th grade,” shared Kellogg. “I know that with great determination and selflessness no matter what gets thrown our way we can conquer anything with the Lord supporting us.”

“The best part of basketball is the people that I play with,” said Kellogg.fullsizerender

“My favorite basketball memory is going up to the CSU camp riding up with Jenna and Taylor Knudson singing our hearts out,” exclaimed Kellogg.

Kellogg wants to give a shout out to her favorite basketball girls for the hilarious memories and unforgettable experiences.

Kellogg’s favorite sport is track. She has been participating in track and field since she was in the 7th grade.

In track, Kellogg runs the 300 meter hurdles, 400 meters races in relays, and 200 meter dashes.

“I set a lot of goals for myself throughout the season in track, that’s what I like the most about it because it’s individual so it’s all on you if you succeed or not,” said Kellogg. “The best part about track is the new challenges and setting personal goals, and the worst part about track can be the bad weather.”

“My favorite track memory is State Track sophomore year when we had a lip sync battle at the hotel,” exclaimed Kellogg.

“My biggest supporters are my parents and two brothers (even though Wade doesn’t always show it)” said Kellogg.

Outside of sports, Kellogg is the ideal student and maintains a 3.7 GPA. Her favorite subject in school is Anatomy. Her favorite foods are steak kabobs and pasta. She loves the television show Grey’s Anatomy and Friday Night Lights. She really enjoys the book The Haymeadow. Her favorite holiday is the 4th of July. Her favorite animals are goats and dogs.

Kellogg’s favorite high school memory is stealing Mr. Kelley’s parking spot Junior year.

After high school Kellogg plans to attend Northeastern Junior College and pursue a career in nursing.

“In ten years I hope I am done with school for good, with a stable career, with a family, and a hot husband!” exclaimed Kellogg. “My advice to underclassmen is to have fun in high school and get in a little trouble because it goes by too quick.”


February’s Tiger of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte

Dylan Prelle has had an outstanding high school wrestling career in which he persevered and accomplished so much, and for that he is February’s Tiger of the month.

Prelle was born on Sept. 29, 1998 to his parents Randy Prelle and Janette Helgoth. He has six siblings; Garrett, Cierra, Kaitlynn, Gage, Grayden and Addyson. He also has a Saint Bernard named Buford.

Prelle has been wrestling since he was in the 8th grade.

Prelle took third place at regionals in Eaton after winning in double overtime to also qualify for the state tournament. Prelle competed at the state tournament at the Pepsi Center as an unranked wrestler and ended up taking 5th place for the 170lb weight class.

“The best part of wrestling was when I won a double overtime match to qualify for state at regionals this year. The worst part was the rough start I had this year but I pulled through and improved myself,” said Prelle.dylan-prelle

Prelle’s goal for this season was to place at the state tournament and his goal was accomplished.

His thanks goes to his biggest supporters, his family and his girlfriend, Kalyn.

“My favorite wrestling memory was causing havoc with the team this year,” exclaimed Prelle.

“I’d like to wrestle in college if I got the opportunity. I will try to walk onto NJC’s wrestling team,” said Prelle.

Prelle wants to give a shout out to his girlfriend.

Prelle also participates in MMA fighting and boxing. He enjoys the competition and difficulty of those sports.

Prelle has an outstanding 3.9 GPA. His hobbies include working on cars and motorcycles. His favorite movie is Rocky and his favorite book is Huckleberry Finn. His favorite food is pizza, and his favorite holiday is Christmas. His all-time favorite animal is a dragon. His favorite high school memory was “the time there was a fire freshman year.”

A quote Prelle lives by is said by Franklin Roosevelt, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Prelle plans to attend NJC for college and then possibly transfer to Chadron State College in Nebraska after that.

“My advice to underclassmen is never give up and keep trying to reach your goals,” shared Prelle.


January’s Tigress of the Month

By Danessa Allen

The tigress of the month for January is senior Abbey Brower for being a part of the girl’s basketball team. Brower is a varsity starter for the Lady Tigers, and she is on her fourth year of being on the team. She has made much progress in her years at SHS and it has definitely paid off. The Lady Tigers have won Conference Championships all three years that Brower has been on the team, and the progress of the team has only been increasing. So far this season the Lady Tigers have been undefeated, having a 13-0 lead. Brower is a huge attribute to the team, and gets a majority of the rebounds and layups during games. Brower loves the sport.

“My last basketball season has gone really well and we have been very successful this season. Also being a senior and taking on a new role has been a very different experience.” said Brower.

The senior has had a very strong career in basketball, but she had different ideas about her plans for playing basketball in college.brower

“I haven’t decided yet. I’m trying to keep my options open, but I think that playing basketball at any level would be a great opportunity,” she says.

Brower thinks that both her and her team has improved tremendously compared to last season.

“As a team we have definitely taken steps to improve because no matter what and even during practices we give 110 percent. Honestly, I think that’s what really matters because we have shown so much improvement and growth in such a short time,” Brower stated.

Even though Brower is extremely proud of her team she had more to say about their progress as a whole.

She says, “I feel very happy with my team’s progress because of the fact that we are undefeated, but that doesn’t really mean anything until we go to state and show success there that will truly show our progress.”

Brower is very excited for the rest of the season and can’t wait to see how the rest of the basketball games play out.

Brower has made extreme progress as an athlete and is also a very good academic student, and she is very well rooted in her education and her athletics. Clearly she is a great contributor to both the Lady Tigers and to SHS and best of luck to her and the rest of the girls on the team as the season draws to an end!


January’s Tiger of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte

For his hard work and talent on the court, senior Mike Chavez is January’s Tiger of the Month.

Chavez was born on July 14, 1998 to his parents Jeff and Kristy Chavez. He is one of three triplets with Kylie and Austin Chavez and he has an older brother, Drew Mari. The family has a dog named Scooter.

Chavez has been playing basketball since he was in the first grade. His mom and dad are his biggest supporters.

“The best thing about the basketball season is that it’s my favorite sport. The worst thing about this season is that it’s my last year,” said Chavez.

“My favorite basketball memory is poker nights with the boys and Carter,” said Chavez. “My best overall high school memory is playing basketball with the seniors last year.”

“My senior year basketball goal is to win state,” said Chavez. “One of my goals for this season was to make a three and I already did that.”

Chavez wants to give a shout-out to all his basketball boys.

A quote that Chavez lives by is from Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Chavez also played football all four years of high school and competes in track and field.

“I like playing sports because they keep me active,” said Chavez.

“I don’t have any future sports goals. I don’t plan to continue playing sports in college,” said Chavez.

Chavez’s favorite hobby is hunting. He loves eating at Wonderful House and he enjoys watching Netflix. His favorite holiday is Christmas.

Chavez maintains a 3.5 GPA. His favorite subject in school is Composition I. After high school he plans on attending Northeastern Junior College.

“In ten years I see myself with a hot wife and a lot of money,” exclaimed Chavez.

His advice to the underclassmen of SHS is, “Always work your hardest and prove your haters wrong.”

December’s Tigress of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte


For her outstanding commitment and determination in basketball, senior Kylie Chavez is December’s Tigress of the Month.

Chavez was born on July 14, 1998 to her parents Jeff and Kristy Chavez. She is one of three triplets with her brothers Austin and Mike and she also has an older brother, Drew Mari. The family has a dog named Scooter. Chavez has been playing basketball for as long as she can remember. She plays the position of point guard. Her biggest supporters are her mom and dad. Chavez has been a starting varsity player for all of her high school career. She made it to the state championship game her sophomore year and to the final four in all three years of playing.

“The best thing about basketball is my awesome teammates. The worst thing about basketball is the morning practices.”

“My goals for this season are the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP BABY,” exclaimed Chavez.

Her favorite basketball and high school memory is the state championship game her sophomore year.

“I want to give a shoutout to my parents for being the best,” said Chavez.

Chavez also plays volleyball and track. She likes track because it is an individual sport. Track and basketball are her two favorite sports. She has won multiple state championships in track. Chavez recently signed with the University of Northern Colorado to compete in collegiate track and field. When it comes to academics, Chavez is an all-star as well. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school and is ranked at the top of her class. She is attending UNC next fall to study Pharmacy. Going to the lake is her favorite thing to do. Her favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. Chicken fried steak and potatoes are her favorite foods. Her favorite movie is She’s the Man. Math is her favorite subject in school.

“You get out of it what you put in,” is her favorite quote.

In ten years she sees herself hopefully doing well, with a family and a career.

Chavez’s advice to the underclassmen is, “Work hard and enjoy everything about it. It ends too soon, so make it last as best as you can. You’ll miss it someday.”