September Tiger Scholar

By: Kirsten Hernandez

Brynn Abernathy is September’s Tiger Scholar due to her academic excellence.

brynn.pngAbernathy plans to graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA. Throughout high school Abernathy has participated in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Student council and yearbook. This year Abernathy is Executive Vice President of Student Council.

Throughout high school, Abernathy’s favorite high school memory is going to football games with her friends. Abernathy’s favorite subject in school is English.

 She said, “My favorite subject in school is English because I enjoy reading and writing.”

Sarah Wernsman has been her favorite teacher throughout high school. Abernathy plans to attend a four year university and earn her bachelor’s degree after graduation.

Abernathy plans on “majoring in communications because I like to write and being involved in media like television and radio.”

In ten years Abernathy sees herself with a good education and having a successful career. Abernathy’s biggest role model in life is her great grandmother.

She said, “She is constantly putting others before herself and has overcome many obstacles in her life. She also encourages me to grow in my relationship with Jesus. I hope I can make such an impact on someone’s life someday as she has had on mine.”

Abernathy’s favorite quote is “I don’t know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future.” she said, “This it reminds me that no matter what you go through in life, and how many uncertainties you face that God is always in control of your life and has the perfect plan in store for you.”

On Abernathy’s free time she enjoys to sing and play guitar, spend time with her friends and family, and play with her dogs Digbi and Mini. Her favorite movie is Pure Country because it has George Straight in it. Abernathy’s favorite book is Though My Eyes by Tim Tebow. Her favorite food is pasta, and her favorite holiday is Halloween. “Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love scary movies, haunted houses and getting dressed up.”

Before Abernathy graduates she has a piece of advice that she thinks would help the underclassman be successful in high school.

 She said, “The advice I would give underclassmen to be successful in high school is to do your best on all of your work and try not to stress yourself out over the little things.”



Parking Lot Predicament

By Danessa Allen

The 2017-2018 school year has been full of surprises for the students of Sterling High School, from getting plenty of new teachers, to the chaos of coming back to school, and perhaps, the most shocking thing the students have discovered, are the new guidelines regarding the SHS parking lot, which includes not being able to sit in the parking lot during the lunch break, whether it is in your car or just standing in the parking lot. This goes along with what some call “the off-campus lunch dilemma.”parking lot 002.JPG

For the students of Sterling High School this is one of the biggest and most prominent changes so far. The new rules of the parking lot affects older and younger students alike, because there are students at SHS that drive and there are also students that get rides from upperclassmen, or friends that have their license.

There is no way of knowing why or how this rule came about but there is a very mixed opinion about the rules and how they affect the students of Sterling High School, however, the students interviewed expressed negative opinions about the change.

Students that have been going to SHS for two years or more are the ones most affected by the new rules and they’re also the most passionate. Junior, Bryce Gilliland was asked about his standpoint on the new rule of not being able to sit in the parking lot during lunch and he had a very strong opinion.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea because it’s our free time. Honestly, if they tell me that I can’t park in the parking lot then I don’t think my parents should have to pay taxes to have it fixed.” Gilliland joked. “But really, I should be allowed to sit in the parking lot during lunch because I do still go to school here.”

Gilliland was also asked if he believed that the new rules are in the student’s best interest or if he believes that our freedom is being taken away. “It’s definitely taking away our freedom, if the staff is going to treat us like adults and expect us to act like adults then they should give us the opportunities that adults have.” He added, “You don’t see any adults not being able to sit in the parking lot on their break.”

Many other students have the same opinion as Gilliland. Emma Seghi agrees with Gilliland and had almost exactly the same views.

“I honestly don’t like it, because they give us 30-40 minutes lunch period and that’s with all the rush hours of people’s lunch breaks and everything so yes we are going to go get our food and bring it back to campus because it’s so much easier. I don’t really see the big deal,” she stated. “They want us to be on time everyday after lunch but they won’t let us sit in our cars to finish our food? The drive-thrus take forever and it’s even worse if you go inside to order. They claim that they’re worried for our safety, but what’s so dangerous about sitting in the car to finish a hamburger?”

Even though Seghi has a strong opinion as to why the rules are not a good solution, she does see where the staff is coming from.

“I can see how they are trying to help us out, but there are other ways that they can do it,” she stated. “I feel as if they’re taking away our freedom in a way because it’s our lunch time, our break for the day, and not letting us finish our meals in the car isn’t right. Kids sit in their cars in the morning before the bell or when they’re coming back from waivers, what’s the difference between that and lunch?”

It is evident that the new rules have in fact taken a toll on the students at SHS, and hopefully the students will become more accustomed to the new rules and regulations, because the SHS staff is simply trying to keep the students that attend safe, and sometimes, safety requires sacrifices.

SHS Welcomes New Teachers

By Amanda Ferguson

This year SHS is welcoming seven new teachers to its campus. Some have been teaching for as long as they can remember, while others have just started. Some did not even go to school to become a teacher. Foe example Ms. Baillas, went to school to be an engineer.

Mr. Cuba said, “I never went to college to be a teacher, teaching found me.”

Mr. Cuba is the new science teacher. This is not his first rodeo he has been teaching for 17 years now, all of which have been at a high school level.

He said, “When I was in college I taught labs, a PHD told me I had a knack for teaching.”

Before Sterling he taught at Summit High School, in Summit County.

He said, “I drove through here to go pheasant hunting, It is an easier and shorter ways from where I plan on retiring.”

He said, “Interacting with teens. I find them to be very funny.”

Now down to the educational part of things, Cuba’s number one goal to reach this year is “to have the best lesson ready for the students everyday.”

Mr. McGuiness is one of the new English teachers. He has also been teaching for 17 years, granted not all at the same level, but still not his first rodeo.

He said, “It was a process of elimination. I was working at a church and I liked the teaching part of it, but not the administration.”

McGuiness said, “ My family lived here before. We liked the community so when there was a chance to we jumped on it.”

Before teaching here at SHS he taught two years at Laguna Creek High School in California.

He said, “I am a big fan of Socrates, I really want to get Socratic Seminars off the ground in my English classes.”

Ms. Splichal is also another English teacher. She has taught at many grade levels. Five years in secondary schools in Colorado and some in Nebraska.Splichal Fall 2017

Splichal said, “My passion for education began when I was a little girl role playing “school” in our toy room. I then discovered Montessori with my own children. When the time arose for my youngest to attend first grade, I began teaching in traditional education. Having an intricate role in preparing youth for the future has been both exciting and rewarding.”

She said, “The SHS Cheerleaders could say it best when they chant: T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K. The camaraderie at Sterling High School starts at the top. We are part of a big family here.  When looking in from outside of the District, one might say, ‘I want what they have.’ I am proud to work at RE-1.”

Her number one goal to reach this school year is to work tirelessly at inspiring her students to overcome adversity, find their brilliance and to have each person who walks into her classroom to feel valued.

20170824_161337Ms. Biallas, is one of the new math teachers. This is her first year as a teacher. She became a teacher because she wants to inspire people to love math and numbers.

Biallas said, “The community we have is fantastic and very welcoming.”

Ms. Biallas’ number one goal this year is to have students apply themselves in geometry.


Ms. Montejano is another SHS math teacher. She has been a teacher for 14 years at the middle school and 4 years at a high school.20170901_155415

“I love math and I like kids, and teaching at a high school allows me to talk about math all day.”

She said, “I like seeing the light bulb go off when a student understands something they have been struggling with.”

Montejano’s number one goal that she hopes to reach the school year is to see everyone pass and for them to be confident on math.

Dr. Johnson is the new business and accounting teacher. She has been teaching for many year. Almost all of it has been at a high school level.

“I grew up in a town like Sterling. I felt comfortable in this town . It is also similar to the one I grew up on and the school is similar to where I went and taught at.”

Dr. Johnson said the reason she became a teacher was that her mom said it was her calling and that she saw the teacher in her. Her favorite thing about being a teacher is that she interacts with the students and shares their gain of knowledge and she enjoys helping them develop their minds. Dr. Johnsons number one goal that she hopes to meet the school years is that she would like to organize the FBLA program for the students.

Ms. Bell is the new home economics teacher. She has been a teacher for over 20 years.

“I grew up coming through here. My family lives close by and I know the are,” Bell said

The reason she became a teacher was because she loved to learn and liked to share what she learned. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing the light bulb click when a student understands something new. Ms. Bells number one goal this year is to grow the Family Careers Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).

September Teacher of the Month

By Lesly Guereca

Sterling High School welcomes back Chelsea Scott. September’s “Teacher of the month” for the month of September. Many students look at her like their favorite art teacher, and talk wonderful things about her classes.

football game 003Scott teaches Foundations of Art, Ceramics 2,3, and 4. As well as Digital Photography 1,2, and Graphic Design 2.

She has been teaching at Sterling High school for 3 years this year being her fourth. She teaches 9th,10th,11th,and 12th grade every class having different amounts of kids in there. She’s one of the only two teachers in the school that teaches art, and has done a very good job at keeping the art department together.

Scott said, “Everyone is an artist in their own way” Answering the question “What made you want to become a teacher at SHS”. Chelsea has a very special way of teaching every student loves her classes when you ask students they always have something nice to say about her.

Scott has a main goal in Sterling High School this year to show students that everybody can be creative in their own way. Not everyone thinks they can draw, but she helps everyone and encourages them to try. Her favorite part about teaching is seeing when the spark is started. For example, when the light bulbs go on and the creativity is about to begin.As we all grow up we all have someone that influences us in many ways that can help us determine an idea for our future. Who influenced Scott to become a teacher?

“My High school teacher” ,replied Miss.Scott.

From having new kids everyday you make new memories every day,  but one of Scotts favorite memory in her teaching years  was “the incident of the wax resist on the ceiling” the big smile on her face said it all! Throughout the years she considers that being the best memory of her high school teaching career.

A little more about Chelsea that we may not know  is she has 200 people in her immediate family! Everyone has different activities they like to do hers was snowboard, travel, and anything outside for example like the lake.Scott sounds like a very outgoing teacher that enjoys to have fun in school and outside of school. Last but not least, Miss.Scott loves Halloween! The reason why is because of the cool costumes, and spooky decorations. Her favorite food are “Cheesy bread” in all varieties. Or in her words “Carbs”.

To wrap things up Chelsea Scott has a great personality, a great way of teaching, and students love her. Being elected “Teacher of the month” made her very happy. We all wish to keep on seeing her throughout the years, and remember her for what she taught us in Art, and letting us express ourselves through the work of art. Sterling High School thanks her for everything she does for her students, and continues doing everyday.





SHS Prom Is a Masquerade

By Amarise Buanteo

For every high school student there is the one dance that everyone looks forward too and that’s prom. Every student wants to be able to go to this one special dance and make those special memories. Once they hit freshman year they hope that they will be asked to prom by one of the juniors or seniors. Considering that prom is basically for the junior and senior class but they can take an underclassman. Prom is so much more than just a formal dance at least in some high schoolers eyes. There is so much that goes into prom the dress, the tux, the corsages and boutineers, the hair,  the nails,  the colors, the makeup, and so much more.

Every dance has a theme some are cool and some are just overused. This year’s prom theme was masquerade was the latter. This theme has been used for so many parties and dances that it is just a bit overused. Some students thought it was a cool theme and others thought they should have chosen one of the other themes,  such as Harry Potter.

Junior Errick Denning said, “I think it would be cool because people get to wear a mask and dance without people being embarrassed.”

Sophomore Greyson Dudley said, “I think Harry Potter would be ten times better than masquerade.”

Sophomore Alexis Brower said, “I thought it was cool. I always wanted to go to a masquerade ball.”

Prom is the one thing that can hurt a person’s wallet no matter what it is. There are so many things that is needed for prom. There is the dress and the tux, the corsages and boutineers, and the tickets. Many had different opinions on what was the most expensive part about prom for themselves.

Junior Grace Reeves said, “My dress was the most expensive part for prom.”

Sophomore Isaac Deleon said, “My tux was definitely the most expensive part for prom.”

Freshman Madison Barnhill said, “The tickets were expensive but so were the corsages and boutineers.”

For many people before prom is the most stressful part for them. They have to plan where they are going to eat or even take pictures. Some people just take pictures at a house and some go to the park or the courthouse. Many people also eat at a house but some make plans to go out  to eat at a restaurant.

Junior Shelby Houser said, “We ate at Rivercity Grill and had a big group with us. Our group consisted of Grace Reeves, Isaac Deleon, Sonjia Hadley, Noah Meraz, Peyton Tranas, Peyton Freeman, Bailey Rausch, Britney Wilterdink, Kaitlynn Prelle, Brian Lee, Shyloh Ertle, and Amanda Mclain.”

“I took pictures at my house I really wanted to take pictures with my friends but I didn’t have anyone to take pictures with,” said Brower.

Freshman Paige Pratt said, “We ate at Rivercity Grill with Lauryn Luft, Jaden Hottinger, and Tristan Manley. We all took pictures at pioneer park in the forest.”

During prom there is so much that has to be done and many looked forward to many different things. For girls it may be the getting ready or for the guys the dancing everyone is looking forward to something during prom.

“I’m looking forward to looking fly as heck in my gold bow tie,” said Dudley.

“I’m most looking forward to hang out with my friends,” said Houser

Barnhill said “I’m looking forward to the dance and to see who wins Prom Queen.”

Prom is a time in a high schooler’s life where they want that one person to ask them to this special dance. When they do get asked even if it’s just as friends they have to match their colors. Some go with just the fancy yet casual colors such as black, gold, and white. Others like a splash of color such as red, pink, or blue. Also sometimes even if they are going as a couple they also attend as a group. It may be a group of couples or just a big group of friends.

Reeves said “Our colors are Cinderella blue black and sliver. We were a couple but we had a group of friends with us.”

Denning said “Our colors that we have are black, white, and blue. We went as a couple in a group.”

“Our colors are a dark blue and sliver. We are going as a group or just two couples,” said Pratt

Since prom is a dance there of course has to be some music to listen to. Everyone has their own song that they would want to dance to at prom. It may be a slow song and it may be a song everyone will enjoy dancing to.

“The song that I would like to hear is ‘Gangam style’,” said Denning.

Brower said “The song that I would like to hear is ‘Fergalicious’.”

Dudley said “The song that I would really like to hear is ‘Drop it like its hot’.”

“The song I want to dance to is the ‘Cupid shuffle’,” said Deleon

Barnhill said “The song I really want to dance to is the ‘Humpty dance’.”

“The sIMG_3123ong I really want to hear at prom is ‘Fergalicious’,” said Pratt

Prom is the time that every high schooler dreams of going to in their high school career. It is the last formal dance for seniors and could possibly be the very first formal dance for freshman, sophomores, and juniors. It’s the time of year where most American teenagers are hurting their wallets for this one special dance. The girls are looking for that one perfect dress while the guys are doing anything for the girl to make her happy. This is the time of year that is the best and worst for every high schooler.

Spring Musical “Annie Get Your Gun”

By: Amela Nevaljalovic

Spring musical is organized every year at Sterling High School. It is usually produced by a choir/theater teacher and every year auditions are held for student who are interested to be part of it.

This year’s musical was chosen to be “Annie Get Your Gun” and it was important musical because this year was the first musical without Mr. Johnson being in charge. Annette Lambrecht, a new theater/choir teacher was in charge of the entire production of the musical.

Main role was given to junior, Kori Penfold. “When I found about the lead I was sure surprised because I thought that another girl was going to get it. In total, there were 5 girls auditioning for the role of Annie Oakley.”  This wasn’t Kori’s first lead because she had it in last year’s musical and in couple of summer musicals before that.

“The best part of the entire for me was the fact that it came together so well. The others were never prepared to this extent” said Penfold, “ the biggest  obstacle was memorizing all the music because basically I sang the whole thing.”

The musical involved dancing, singing and acting and for a lot of students this was not a big issue. “Coordinating all three was not too hard because I have been doing it since I was little”, said Penfold.

The rehearsals for the Musical “Annie Get Your Gun” began in the second week of January and then they had the show in the first week of April. The Musical was presented to the audience for three nights in a row.


“Miss Lambrecht did very well, she was super organized and prepared” said Penfold.

A lot of freshmen students got an opportunity to participate in the Musical. One of them was Darcy Trump. “ I didn’t try out for a specific role, they just assigned me a minor role but it still incolved singing and dancing” said Trump “this is not the first time for me being in a high school production of a Musical, even though I am a freshmen. I did a lot of it in middle school too.” Darcy was in a Musical with her twin sister Camryn. “It was very fun working on a Musical with my sister, especially because we both had a similar act.” “Miss Lambrecht did a really good job and we had a lot of amazing moments on the set”, said Trump.

Some actors had a bit of a more different role. For instance couple of female students had to play a role of a male. One of those were juniors Mary Ritter and Julia Ssessanga. “For me, it was a last minute thing and they told me that there were not enough people so I just did it” said  Ritter “the hardest thing when playing a man was actually having to pretend to keep up a deep voice and hiding the chest.” The play took about a month of preparation and Mary said “ Miss Lambrecht did good for her first high school production of a musical and overall the outcome of the people was great!”

The show ended its three-night run on Saturday, April 8th.


Alt-Country Band Old 97’s Newest Album In Review

By: Ethan Robinson

The Old 97’s newest album, Graveyard Whistling, is a bold continuation of their hollering chorus, 24 years in the making.

Defined as alternative country, the Old 97’s are native to Dallas, Texas, and began their band career in 1993. Exposing them to a more nationwide audience, their music has been featured in several films, notably the song “Timebomb” in 1998’s Clay Pigeons.

Although their popularity has deep roots in the Texan music scene, their songs are drifters themselves, referencing cities like New York to Chicago, where lead songwriter and guitarist Rhett Miller has made a living as both a musician and writer. Driven by an energy akin to rock-and-roll and punk rock, the Old 97’s at their core exemplify the foot-stomping narrative and character of classic American country artists, such as Hank Williams and Johnny Cash (whose song “Wreck of the Old 97” inspired their name). With spirited live performances, these qualities have built them a strong connection to their fanbase and have earned them status as one of the quintessential bands of the alternative country genre.

Graveyard Whistling, released this past Feb. 24, is the Old 97’s’ eleventh studio album and was announced in late 2016 with the single “Good With God.” The single features singer Brandi Carlile for one haunting verse, which Miller describes as representing “the voice of God.” For this almost existential anthem, Miller commented on his collaboration with Carlile, “Hollywood for years has lived off of male writers for female parts and most of the time they don’t ring true. Who has a voice that could do justice for being God?”

For Miller, that person was Brandi Carlile, who added immensely to the song’s reflective theme.

“Here I am writing from the perspective of a guy looking back on his life, trying to absolve himself of any culpability and failing [at it],” says Miller.

“There’s a lot of darkness hidden in this record,” Miller explains. “One of the big Old 97’s tricks is when we write about something kind of dark and depressing, it works best when it’s a fun sounding song. So it’s not until the third or fourth listen that you realize the narrator of this song is a complete disaster.”

The main catalyst for the album’s creation was a trip to Nashville where Miller spent time playing with songwriter John McElroy.

Miller said, “It reminded me that I don’t have to be too serious or too sincere or heartfelt. I just have to have fun and be honest. I felt like I kind of had free reign to go ahead and write these songs that were bawdier and more adult-themed.”

Miller’s skill for clever songwriting is evident more than ever, and the unrelenting energy of songs “Turns Out I’m Trouble,” “Drinkin’ Song,” and “Irish Whiskey Pretty Girls” embody this idea of an experienced band without a care.

“Jesus Loves You” is a sardonic tune coming from a cynical man pursuing a faithful woman. For this song, Miller has emphasized his role of being a storyteller and not necessarily bearing the views of whatever characters speak. Tied together with the melancholic track “All Who Wander”, Graveyard Whistling is established as a worthy piece of songwriting art.

The Old 97’s truly have made this a “return to roots” album, since they made a point of returning to the West Texas studio, Sonic Ranch, where they recorded their iconic LP Too Far To Care.  The studio is far out of civilization, in an old hacienda on the border-town of Tornillo, surrounded by a giant pecan orchard. This vast expanse and distinctly Western atmosphere has undoubtedly influenced Graveyard Whistling’s desolate twang.

For being so long-standing, Miller is somewhat surprised himself as he describes their progression as a band, We didn’t think we’d last until the year 1997. We thought the name would get a little weird when it became 1997, but we decided none of our bands had ever lasted that long, so let’s not even worry about it. But as it all started to unfold, we realized we could maybe make a living doing this, and we were all really conscious of wanting to be a career band. It was way more important to us to maintain a really high level of quality, at the expense, perhaps, of having hit singles or fitting in with the trends of the time, and I’m glad we did that.”

On March 18, the Old 97’s kicked off the Western leg of their tour in Greeley, Colorado, at the Moxi Theater. As always, they gave all that they had. Miller muses and wails, lead guitarist Ken Bethea leans into the crowd, and bassist Murry Hammond grins and speaks about hometowns, ex-lovers, and grain elevators.

As the band wails, “All who wander are not lost… Remember back when you got lost with me,” the audience is ecstatic, because they know that they’ll be getting lost in the Old 97’s for years to come.