Tiger Scholar of April

By Abby Cross

The Tiger Scholar for the month of April is Alan Polly due to his outstanding technical expertise.  Polly has a cumulative GPA of 3.3 and plans on attending college for two years to study criminal justice, which he has always been interested in.

“My favorite school subject is Creative Writing because the class is very laid back and  because it doesn’t flow like a standard boring class, where all it is is do this, do that, and act  like you’re learning. Creative Writing is more realistic and keeps class interesting,” said Polly.

His favorite teachers are Mr. Moon, Mr. Blake and Mrs. Fehringer. Polly’s favorite memory from high school is when he bought his first car. In ten years, Polly has no clue where he will be and what he will be doing.

Some advice he has for the under classmen is: “Just do you work and don’t complain until you’ve finished. College in Colorado has to be done so just do it. You can’t change the requirements,” he said.

In his spare time, Polly enjoys gaming, game modding, house improvement, yard improvement and drawing. He has one biological brother, two step brothers and a step sister.

“One of my top role models is my step dad. He always tries to do things even if he doesn’t want to do them. He puts family first, no matter what and has been a great family man,” said Polly.

His favorite quote is by Eminem and says: “You don’t get another chance. Life is no Nintendo game.” This is his favorite quote because it is pretty much saying “go for it,” don’t hold back, but it also says don’t be stupid and learn from your mistakes.

Polly’s favorite book is A Child Called It because it is one of the only book series he has been able to keep reading, and it also links into his love for criminal justice.  

His favorite movies are the Final Destination movies, his favorite food is Italian food, and Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday because everyone can come together without greed and it does not get as much “hate” as the other holidays.  

“Looking back in time, I don’t think there is anything I’d change. Everything has gone very well for me,” said Polly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Tiger Scholar of March

By Amanda Ferguson

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about dancing in the rain.”

This is what Amanda Scherbarth says helps her get through the hard times. She says it’s a quote that has helped her in the past and she plans on using it when she going through the motions of college. Scherbarth wants to go to Colorado State University and plans to major in statistics. She says that the reason she wants to major in statistics is that when she heard about it she thought it would be interesting and “more down her alley.” As a senior in high school, she has done a lot, including being in cheer, FBLA and student council as executive president. Scherbarth says that her favorite part of it all was going to state FBLA during her junior.

Her favorite subject in school is math. She says that it comes easy to her and she understands it well.

As well as having a favorite subject, she also has a favorite teacher. For her it would be Mr. Blake, he is nice and very funny.

Scherbarth has a really passionate and kind role model: her mom. “She is always there for me” she said.

Her future plans besides going to college is hopefully “Living in Texas and working for their basketball team, the Spurs”.

Before getting too far ahead in the future Scherbarth, still has a kid side. She loves watching Disney, her favorite movie is Brother Bear. She loves to go fishing, hiking and hunting with her family. She is very family oriented. She reads books with her mom, like The Shack, which is her favorite book. She also saw it in theatres with her mom.

Her favorite holiday is Christmas. She says that it is very family oriented and she likes spending it with her three brothers.

As a graduating senior, there are a few things that Scherbarth wished she had done differently. She wished that she had started applying to colleges sooner. She “needed a game plan.” Scherbarth has some words of wisdom for underclassmen, “Don’t procrastinate. Get your work done, and make the most of your high school year”.


Tiger Scholar of February

By: Kirsten Hernandez

Ethan Farquhar has been selected as Tiger Scholar, due to his outstanding academic excellence. He participates in both high school and college band as the lead trumpet player. He also participates in jazz band where he is also lead trumpet player. Farquhar plans to graduate with a 3.2 GPA. Once Farquhar has graduated from SHS, he plans to attend Northeastern Junior College for a semester to finish his associate’s degree. Afterwards Farquhar plans to attend the University of Northern Colorado to finish his college career.

Farquhar plans to major in music production, he said, “I have always been musically inclined, and I love how technology has incorporated itself into the music industry.” In 10 years Farquhar said, “I see myself with a good degree, a job producing and engineering music and living with my girlfriend.”img_0307

Farquhar’s favorite teacher is Mr. Lippstrew which is also his role model. Farquhar said, “Mr. Lippstrew is the kind of musician and role model I’d like to see myself as in years to come.” Farquhar’s favorite subject in school is algebra, but he said, “I have also always liked English.” His favorite memory from high school was going to prom with his girlfriend Ella.

Outside of school Farquhar enjoys lifting weights, playing bass and hanging out with friends on the weekend. He is the oldest out of five children, he has three sisters and one brother. Farquhar’s favorite quote is by Robin Williams in his favorite film Good Will Hunting, “You’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.”

Farquhar’s favorite book series is the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker. His favorite type of food is Italian. When it comes to holidays, Farquhar said, “My favorite holiday is Christmas, because so much of my family participates.” Farquhar also said, “If I could go back in time the only thing I would do differently is turn in my math mates.”

A last piece of advice to  underclassmen before he graduates is to be involved and give academic classes as much focus as possible.

“Being ahead in classes really pays off,” he said.

Tiger Scholar of January

By Hannah Mildenberger

January’s Tiger Scholar is Senior Lauren Zimmerman, because of her outstanding academic achievements. Her GPA is 3.38.

Zimmerman is a member of HOSA, which is a group that focuses on preparing its members for medical careers. However, some of her hobbies include drawing and she used to play volleyball.

Zimmerman’s favorite subject in school is English, stating “I have always liked stories and enjoyed writing.”

Despite her favorite subject being English, her favorite teacher is Brad Hessler who teaches most of the tech classes.

“He’s funny. Easy to talk to and he helps out his students a lot,” she said.lauren-zimmerman

Zimmerman plans on attending Northeastern Junior College for two years, but does not know what she going to study while she is there. She is thinking about majoring in nutrition, since it is an interest of hers.

When asked where she saw herself  in 10 years, Zimmerman said, “Hopefully living in my own house with a good job and a family.”

As a piece of advice for underclassmen who plan on graduating high school, she said, “Focus on your studies. Don’t let yourself down and don’t get sidetracked, but do your best. If I could go back in time, I would straighten up and study more. I didn’t do anything freshman year.”

“My role model is my dad. He raised me to be the best person that I could be and because of him, I have a lot of morals and values,” she said.

Zimmerman’s favorite book series is The Hunger Games and her reason being, “because is a cool series.”

Her favorite movie is The Breakfast Club.

Her favorite holiday is Christmas.

She said, “Christmas is my favorite holiday, because I like spending time with my family and my friends. I like the decorations and the holiday has a good feel to it. It makes me feel happy when it comes around.”

If she could live anywhere in the world, she said, “On a small island called Bora Bora which is a South Pacific Island. It is a small, tropical island in the middle of nowhere.”

Last but not least, if she were given three wishes that would be given to her exactly how she wanted, with no strings attached, she said, “I would ask for my dream job, a decent amount of money and either a mansion or a nice car.”


Tiger Scholar of December

By Kirsten Hernandez


Ty Wilterdink, a senior at SHS, has been selected as the Tiger scholar for December. Wilterdink has a current GPA of 3.8. After high school Wilterdink plans to attend the University of Northern Colorado and major in software engineering.

Wilterdink said, “In ten years, I hope that I have a good paying job that I enjoy and that will allow me to provide for my family.”

Wilterdink chose to major in software engineering, because he has always enjoyed working with computers. He also chose this career because of the fact that software engineering has a good job outlook in the future. In school, Wilterdink has participated in football all four years. Wilterdink commented that his years playing football would have to be his favorite high school memory. Wilterdink’s favorite subject in school is math.

He said, “Math has always been pretty easy for me and I enjoy it.”

His favorite high school teacher is Brad Hessler.

He said, “He taught my engineering technology class and he made the class really fun.”

Some of Wilterdink’s hobbies include football, video games and hunting. “My Biggest role model is my dad,” he said, “because he has always been a hard working man who has tried as hard as he can.”

If given the opportunity to go back in time and do high school over, Wilterdink said, “I wouldn’t do anything different because what I have done has led me to where I am today. And I am happy where I am today.”

Wilterdink’s favorite quote is, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” by Mark Twain.

Some fun facts about Wilterdink are he has three sisters, his favorite book series is the Hunger games, his favorite movie is the Longest Yard and his favorite food is chicken.

Wilterdink’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because, “It’s a time where my family gets together and has a good time.”

Although Wilterdink is graduating this year he still has a piece of advice to help the underclassmen become successful in high school.

“My advice to the underclass is to study and pay attention in class. It’s amazing how easy school can be if you could just shut up and pay attention in class,” he said.


Tiger Scholar of November

By Kirsten Hernandez

Photo Credit: Wagner’s Shutterup Photography

Abigail Davidson, a senior at SHS, has been selected as Tigress of the month due to her academic excellence. Davidson plans to graduate with a 3.933 GPA.

After high school Davidson said, “For college, I plan to go to NJC and get an associates degree in either general studies or accounting. Then I plan to go to a university somewhere in Colorado to major in computer science. This major will give me a large range of job opportunities from computer programming to my dream job of video game programming. I have always loved video games, especially experiencing the different stories and amazing artwork and effort put into each one, which is why I want to go into that field.”

Davidson’s favorite subject is art.

She said, “The class requires a lot of attention to detail, which I love, and I have always loved creating art and seeing different things people can do with it.”

Davidson’s favorite teacher is art teacher Chelsea Scott.

Davidson said, “She encouraged me to share my art that I do at home with other people, and always tries to get her students excited about the artwork they create in her class.”

Davidson has a very unique piece of advice for the underclassman.

She said, “I would say that high school can be hard, but if you always try to look on the bright side of things, and never turn away help from friends and family, you can make it through it. I myself have always found comfort in my friends and family, and that has helped me through my high school years.”

Davidson participated in tennis her first two years of high school.

On her free time Davidson said, “I enjoy playing guitar, reading, video games, TV, drawing and making artwork out of paper.”

Davidson’s favorite high school memory was the first time going to a football game and getting to experience it with her friends.

In  years Davidson plans to work for a small video game company, she said, “I plan to work for a small video game company and maybe even creating a few of my own games for people to buy.”

Davidson’s role model is Emma Watson, she said, “She is a very intelligent actress, and has embraced her intelligence even though she has entered the world of acting, which corrupts most people. She also publicly fights for the things she believes in, such as feminism.”

Davidson’s favorite quote is “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.” by Oogway, Kung Fu Panda. She said, “This quote helps me remember that everyday is important, and we must make the most of the present, and not worry too much about the past or the future.”

Davidson’s favorite book series is the mortal instruments, her favorite movie is How to Train your Dragon 2 and her favorite food is pizza.

Davidson’s favorite holiday is thanksgiving, she said, “A lot of my family is able to come together on this holiday, which is kinda rare. Plus I love the food.”

Davidson said, “If I could go back in time, I would stop worrying so much about everything that could go wrong if I did something, and just go out and do it, like spending more time with my friends and playing tennis for another year.”

Tiger Scholar of October

By Kirsten Hernandez

Will Couchenour, a senior at SHS, is October’s Tiger Scholar. Couchenour has worked hard for the last four years and hopes to graduate with a 3.7 GPA and as many college credits possible. After high school, Couchenour plans to attend Nazarene University. He wants to pursue a career in either teaching or engineering.will-couchenour

10 years from now he sees himself graduated from college and working as either a teacher or a engineer.

Couchenour’s advice for underclassmen is, “Do not procrastinate!” Couchenour said, “It may seem like a good idea and that it won’t affect you, but it just makes you fall further behind in school.”

Couchenours favorite high school memory is when he moved to Sterling from Michigan and a student name Neil Bergman introduced him and helped him  as he started school at SHS. Couchenour’s favorite subject in school is history.

His role model is his dad. He said, “My dad has always been there for me and has shown me the ropes.”

In school Couchenour enjoys participating in football. He said, “I really enjoy playing football even though I get hurt a lot.”

Couchenour’s favorite teacher that he’s had throughout school is his fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Wescott. He said, “She is who helped me get into the advanced classes.”

Some fun facts about Couchenour is that his favorite food is bananas, his favorite book series is Second Hand Alliance and his favorite movie series is Unfortunate Events. Couchenour has a pet dog named Cooper.
Couchenour’s favorite quote is, “I am nobody and nobody is perfect so therefore  I am perfect.”