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The 2016-2017 Bengal Cry Staff.


Shows of compassion from SHS students!


On Thursday, March 23, a hypnotist Frederick Winters came to SHS.  He hypnotized 18 SHS athletes. One of the activities that they had participated in was hide and seek. Each person was an object and did not want to be found. Winters sat or leaned against many of the students who were an object. Some of the participants in the hide and seek activity were found and not happy about it, while others hoped he would not see them as they hid in plain sight. All of the student athletes were sponsored by a business in the Sterling community. Some students did not make it all the way through the show but most of them did.



On Tuesday, Feb. 28, the student body of Sterling High School was asked to wear red in support of Eaton Sophomore Dallas Duran, who passed away on Wednesday, Feb. 22. Sterling High also raised money for Dallas and in support of his family. In three days, SHS managed to raise $760. The money will be going to the family, and to a scholarship that has been set up in Duran’s name. “I’m just really proud of the staff and student body for stepping up and raising so much money in such a short time,” says Athletic Director Jeff Squire. Duran was a varsity basketball and baseball player. Coaches would agree that he had lots of potential and was heading up in life. The community pays their respect to the Eaton community and their loss of such a bright and talented athlete.



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A Closer Look at What’s Inside

Pig Dissection (1)
Mr. Edinger’s Anatomy and Physiology class spent two full class periods dissecting piglets. Senior Tayler Shino, whom participated in the dissection gave her opinion. “The purpose behind the dissection was to get a better understanding of the organs and systems in the pig. The best part of this lab was getting to look at all of the organs up close,” she said. Another senior, Mileena Bourges, also expressed her thoughts about the pig dissection. “The purpose of this lab was to see a real representation of internal organs. I liked getting to see what the organs looked like in real life,” she said. Junior Yadira Galvin added, “Learning about the body and the functions inside the body was exciting. The pigs were a fun hands on way to learn about our organs and bodies. It was fun to watch everyone’s grossed out reactions with every cut.” Amanda Scherbarth, another junior, decided not to take part in the dissection. “I chose not to participate in the dissection of the pigs because I don’t agree with dissecting pigs that didn’t have a chance at life. I hunt so I wasn’t disgusted by the dissection itself, just the morals behind it.”


Community Donates Blood

On March 28, SHS, Caliche, Haxtun and NJC students and teachers donated blood for Bonfil Blood Center in Tiger Den. “We had 42 appointments today, and we were in Tiger Den from 9 am to 2 pm,” said NJC health science teacher Jolene Buss. Senior Madeline Hiatt was one of the many SHS students who donated blood for the Colorado Blood Bank.


FFA Produces Preparation for Districts

SHS students Amanda Yetter and Daniel Sonnenberg met with fellow FFA members from surrounding schools to draw up plans for the Preparation Event.


Seniors Prepare for the Future

On the third Friday in January, SHS seniors were sent to Wally Post Gym for mock interviews with various businesses in the area. According to many of the businesses, multiple seniors would have been hired based off of their interviews.



Students Participate in 28th Annual Madrigal Dinner

SHS and SMS choirs honor music teacher Don Johnson during the Madrigal Dinner after 28 years of teaching at Sterling High School.



Life Skills teacher Megan McQuown helps CJ Iekel make a stuffed jack’o’lattern pepper.



First Week of October Brings Homecoming Festivities

Aurora Prinsloo (11) and Bailey Rausch (10)2
Junior Aurora Prinsloo and sophomore Bailey Rausch dress up as “Anna” and “Elsa” from “Frozen” for Disney Day. Disney Day was one of five dress up days that were held at SHS in celebration of Homecoming.




SHS Students Honor the International Day of Peace

Art teacher Chelsea Scott and French/Spanish teacher Sally Zinn had students create pinwheels in honor of the International Day of Peace. “I think the pinwheels are just lovely. It was amazing seeing all of the kids’ pinwheels; they just made my heart melt,” said Zinn.