Tiger Scholar of January

By Hannah Mildenberger

January’s Tiger Scholar is Senior Lauren Zimmerman, because of her outstanding academic achievements. Her GPA is 3.38.

Zimmerman is a member of HOSA, which is a group that focuses on preparing its members for medical careers. However, some of her hobbies include drawing and she used to play volleyball.

Zimmerman’s favorite subject in school is English, stating “I have always liked stories and enjoyed writing.”

Despite her favorite subject being English, her favorite teacher is Brad Hessler who teaches most of the tech classes.

“He’s funny. Easy to talk to and he helps out his students a lot,” she said.lauren-zimmerman

Zimmerman plans on attending Northeastern Junior College for two years, but does not know what she going to study while she is there. She is thinking about majoring in nutrition, since it is an interest of hers.

When asked where she saw herself  in 10 years, Zimmerman said, “Hopefully living in my own house with a good job and a family.”

As a piece of advice for underclassmen who plan on graduating high school, she said, “Focus on your studies. Don’t let yourself down and don’t get sidetracked, but do your best. If I could go back in time, I would straighten up and study more. I didn’t do anything freshman year.”

“My role model is my dad. He raised me to be the best person that I could be and because of him, I have a lot of morals and values,” she said.

Zimmerman’s favorite book series is The Hunger Games and her reason being, “because is a cool series.”

Her favorite movie is The Breakfast Club.

Her favorite holiday is Christmas.

She said, “Christmas is my favorite holiday, because I like spending time with my family and my friends. I like the decorations and the holiday has a good feel to it. It makes me feel happy when it comes around.”

If she could live anywhere in the world, she said, “On a small island called Bora Bora which is a South Pacific Island. It is a small, tropical island in the middle of nowhere.”

Last but not least, if she were given three wishes that would be given to her exactly how she wanted, with no strings attached, she said, “I would ask for my dream job, a decent amount of money and either a mansion or a nice car.”



Teacher of January

By Amarise Buanteo

Robert Busmente, Sterling High school government and world geography
teacher is January’s teacher of the month. He has been teaching for 15 years, with the
end of the this year marking 16 years. Busmente is also the high school’s football
This year Busmente as a teacher hopes to help kids have a better understanding
of the subject. He really wants to see his kids be successful and he wants to help them
get there. He is really trying to help students grow as individual’s and go through the
“Teaching in general, in high school just interested me,” Busmente said. “I also
was interested in coaching, so when I was in school I saw some of my teachers were
coaches and teachers so I was able to ask them. I liked how they were able to do both,
and they were good with kids as teachers. I don’t know why here. There was a job
opening and I grew up here.”
Busmente had a hard time just choosing one favorite part about teaching.
He said, “Interacting with kids. Being around them. Seeing them grow as
individuals and help them out.”
Busmente also had a hard time choosing one favorite memory as a teacher, but
when he choose one he said, “There are a lot of things I remember. When I found out I
got my job. I was on my own finally. I wasn’t a student teacher. You never stop
succeeding or failing you just keep going.”
Outside of school Busmente enjoys being a dad, traveling and spending time
with his family and friends. Also something that most students don’t know is that
Busmente enjoys doing is scuba diving.
Busmente enjoys reading many different types of books. The books that he
enjoys reading the most are political, historical and character coaching books. He reads
many different type of books but those are the ones that he enjoys reading the most.
Busmente’s favorite holiday would probably be Christmas. He enjoys Christmas
because the traditions that he has with his family and wife. He also enjoys Christmas
because his family comes down.
Busmente likes all types of foods, though his favorite foods are Asian and Indian
Busmente had many inspirations for why he wanted to become a teacher. He
watched most of his teachers in high teach but also coaches. He wanted to be able to
coach and also teach because he wanted to help his students succeed. He likes
coaching the football team because he used to play football in high school. He didn’t
really know why he wanted to teach here at SHS. There was simply job opening and he
grew up here. He was happy when he first found out he got the job as a teacher.
Busmente was happy he was finally able to do something on his own. He wasn’t the
helper anymore; he was able to have his own time with the students and teach them the
way he wanted too.


Teacher of December

By Ethan Robinson

Kirby Feaver is the teacher of the month for December. She teaches the life science classes College Prep in Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology. Feaver got very interested in science later on, enrolling in a college science class meant for upperclassmen. She both excelled in this class and had great fun doing it. Feaver was originally an English major, but right then and there, she knew that she wanted to study science.

“I enjoy the challenge and the intrinsic reward you get for solving a problem,” Feaver added.

Feaver was previously at Sterling Middle School for two years, and before that for many years taught biology and chemistry at a high school in California. Feaver says the biggest differences between Colorado and California is the diversity of population density and environment.

Her all-time favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, because of the lesson readers get from Atticus Finch that you have to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and walk in them. Feaver believefeavers this lesson to be so important for our world in that it emphasizes empathy for each other and our own individual differences and pains.

Feaver also mentioned 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, which she read when in the seventh grade. Although the novel has both good and bad science in it, Feaver said that what she took away from the book was doing something really different and exploring new places. This book and another factor made her really want to become a teacher.

The other factor was a professor in college, who took a bland textbook and had a way of making it so much more interesting. This professor made her feel like teaching really did matter.

Feaver mused, “Any person can pick up a book and read, but it takes someone who actually understands what they’re doing and has a real passion for it to truly come alive.”

She said this connects to the one thing she wants students to take away from her class. She personally knows how schoolwork can be frustrating, but she wants students to understand the invaluable lessons science has to offer in explaining how the world works.

“All of us should know how the world works,” Feaver said, “And once we understand how, we can begin to figure out why.”

A fun story Feaver shared with us is when she was on a campground in California. She was walking around the corner of a building and literally bumped into a bear walking the other way. The bear raised itself on its hind legs, as Feaver thought the wild animal would either tear her face off or run away. Luckily, the bear walked one way and Feaver walked the other. However, she was not yet completely safe, as campground staff who had heard the bear sprayed her with pepper spray soon after accidentally.

Nonetheless, beware students, of getting on Feaver’s bad side, because in her own words she has, “walked nose-to-nose into a bear and lived to tell the tale.”


by Danessa Allen

It is well known that sports are a significant aspect in any school, but it is especially important in small towns. Sterling High School is planning to cut sports teams for the 2017-2018 school year. For most athletes, including myself, this is a scary thought, however there are two sides of the spectrum. One side includes the athletes, the ones who participate in the sports programs that their school provides. The ones who eat, sleep, and breathe sports. Then the other side of the spectrum has the people who don’t participate in sports because they either can’t or don’t feel the need to. Some people could genuinely care less if someone scores a touchdown or makes a basket. As an athlete, I see how much of an impact that sports has on a person. I fell in love with the technique, I love with everything about the sports I participated in and continue to participate in, there is nothing else on Earth that gives me the same feeling. However, the people who don’t participate in sports don’t understand this.

At SHS goes through an enormous amount of budget cuts, they discuss taking two sports teams out of the school’s athletic program; golf and tennis. Although these are not the only programs that the school may cut, this is a hard hit to the athletes that take part in these sports. Next year’s seniors, juniors, and sophomores will only have memories of the sport that they have played in the previous year(s). I believe that cutting sports from the athletic program at SHS will not help the students in any way, shape, or form. Cutting golf will limit the male students to football or cross country, and cutting tennis will limit the female students to soccer or track. Therefore, cutting those sports will not only affect students on an educational level but on a personal level as well. For some students, golf and tennis are the sports they both enjoy and want to play.

Sterling High School Tigers compete against Classical Academy on the football field.
Sterling High School Tigers compete against Classical Academy on the football field.

There is a quote that really affects me as an athlete, and it says “Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become, and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is the little… [kid] who fell in love with the… [sport] and never looked back… play for… [them].” (Mia Hamm) This quote has a very strong message, it is stating that many athletes have a strong love for the sport they participate in, and when you fell in love with a sport, you work as hard as you possibly can for it. Not to mention, statistics have proven that sports not only improve health, but also helps grades and behavioral patterns. A study conducted at LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School Districts) showed that a student that participates in a sport has a 0.55-0.74 higher GPA than non-athletes. There are other students and faculty believe that sports are not a crucial element of high schools, but I have one question for you… why? High school sports help athletes stay in shape physically, keeps them on track with their education, and it lets students have connections with other students who also participate in the sport. Sports are a very critical part of high schools everywhere, and they affect many students, even if it’s not obvious.

    There has always been some controversy between the athletes and the non-athletes, and since there is discussion about cutting art programs, an uprising is occurring. Art programs are stating “If arts programs are being cut, then sports should be cut too…” but nobody really sees how athletes are affected, unless they are athletes themselves. People who do not participate in sports often do not understand how much work and dedication athletes put into their sports. Examples of sports in SHS specifically are cheerleading, football, basketball, and that is just a small majority of the sports at SHS. The SHS cheer squad works August to March during the school year, and even practices Monday-Friday during the summer months. Other sports teams practice up to 3 hours every day after school, and put in multiple hours of hard work during their sport’s season to make progress and become better at what they enjoy doing. Sports at SHS are something that many students participate in, and enjoy watching as well. It seems that people do not understand how much of an impact that sports on the athletes that play them.


Sterling High School Volleyball team celebrates a win against Frontier Academy
Sterling High School Volleyball team celebrates a win against Frontier Academy

   Interviewing athletes to see how sports affects students was the only way to get my point across. As expected, the students at SHS have very different opinions when it comes to sports. I guess you could say that some students are more passionate than others. Senior Victor Ferri, has a very strong opinion about sports and their place in high schools. Ferri states that sports have affected him in numerous ways. “Sports have given me the opportunity to get a college education at a discounted price.” Ferri says. When asked how sports have changed over his years at SHS, the senior states “The budget is a lot less, also recognition from the school is a lot less, especially for sports like track. I’ve won two state championships for 3A pole vault and was barely given credit for my successes.” As I interviewed Ferri, he got very passionate when he was asked if cutting sports was a smart idea from an athlete’s perspective. Ferri stated, “It’s not a good idea from anyone’s perspective, it’s simply limiting students from doing what they please. If the school could give reasoning behind cutting all these programs then maybe it could be justified. However, I also believe that before the school decides to cut a sport or any program for that matter, that students should have some sort of say in it.” He then says, “If sports were cut, I’d change schools. There would be no reason to stay at SHS if it takes away from my future opportunities.” Athletes have very strong opinions especially when it comes to the sport they love, and Ferri made that very clear.

    As an athlete myself, I related to what Ferri said on a personal level. Sports have been proven to affect students on an educational and personal level. I can honestly say that the high school athletics program has affected my life tremendously. I’ve met lifelong friends through the sports I participated in and it has extensively strengthened my love for track. There is still a growing debate about sports “killing” academics. Education is an important part of today’s society but while some people preach that people need to stop focusing so much on sports, they go home and watch football on Sunday Nights. Almost everyone is related to sports in some way or another. Cheerleaders Ciara Thompson and Ashby Hux had quite a bit to say about athletics as well. Thompson stated how sports have affected her since being at SHS, she says, “Sports, especially cheerleading, has helped me create life-long friendships and has helped me become more confident.” Both Thompson and Hux are second-year varsity cheerleaders, and with talk of recent budget cuts, they fear that that cheerleaders may be affected. Hux stated, “There is already talk of cutting tennis, which is the sport I play in the spring during my off time from cheer and it’s one of the things I enjoy doing. I’m honestly really upset that I won’t be able to participate anymore.” I asked both of the girls how they would feel if cheerleading was cut from SHS, especially now that cheerleading is an “official” sport according to the Olympic Committee. Both girls said they would change schools, because cheerleading is what they love to do. They said if they wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate in what they love, they don’t see a good reason to stay at Sterling High School. Both athletes believe that sports are an extremely important part of schools. Thompson said, “If I didn’t have sports then I wouldn’t know what I’d do, and I’m sure that many students at SHS can agree with me.” Hux added, “I’ve always been an athletic person, so not doing sports would be extremely hard for me.” The impact of sports on SHS is a force not to be reckoned with.

Sterling High School Soccer steals the ball against Weld County on the pitch.
Sterling High School Soccer steals the ball against Weld County on the pitch.

    Athletics are an important part of not only SHS, but in high schools all across the nation. “Jocks” are always portrayed as rude, idiotic Neanderthals that have horrible grades and only manage to get away with it because they participate in sports. However, people need to realize that reality is nothing like the movies. Athletes work hard at what they do, and as an athlete myself, I can attest to this. Athletes have hopes and dreams just like everyone else, sports in high school extremely important and I don’t believe that these programs should be cut. I disagree cutting sports because it has not only been proven to improve the grades of student, but it also has a personal affect on them. Athletics are an amazing thing, and I am so happy to have been able to participate and receive two varsity letters as a freshman. Sports have made a huge impact on my life, and I honestly cannot wait to see how sports change and improve at SHS within the next two years before I graduate. SHS is majorly affected by sports, we are known for our accomplishments with athletics and that’s why I believe that cutting sports at Sterling High School is not beneficial. Some people may agree, and some may not, but sports from an athlete’s perspective are an amazing thing, and taking away those amazing things would be something that affects students every day.

December’s Tigress of the Month

By Katlyn LaPorte


For her outstanding commitment and determination in basketball, senior Kylie Chavez is December’s Tigress of the Month.

Chavez was born on July 14, 1998 to her parents Jeff and Kristy Chavez. She is one of three triplets with her brothers Austin and Mike and she also has an older brother, Drew Mari. The family has a dog named Scooter. Chavez has been playing basketball for as long as she can remember. She plays the position of point guard. Her biggest supporters are her mom and dad. Chavez has been a starting varsity player for all of her high school career. She made it to the state championship game her sophomore year and to the final four in all three years of playing.

“The best thing about basketball is my awesome teammates. The worst thing about basketball is the morning practices.”

“My goals for this season are the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP BABY,” exclaimed Chavez.

Her favorite basketball and high school memory is the state championship game her sophomore year.

“I want to give a shoutout to my parents for being the best,” said Chavez.

Chavez also plays volleyball and track. She likes track because it is an individual sport. Track and basketball are her two favorite sports. She has won multiple state championships in track. Chavez recently signed with the University of Northern Colorado to compete in collegiate track and field. When it comes to academics, Chavez is an all-star as well. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout high school and is ranked at the top of her class. She is attending UNC next fall to study Pharmacy. Going to the lake is her favorite thing to do. Her favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. Chicken fried steak and potatoes are her favorite foods. Her favorite movie is She’s the Man. Math is her favorite subject in school.

“You get out of it what you put in,” is her favorite quote.

In ten years she sees herself hopefully doing well, with a family and a career.

Chavez’s advice to the underclassmen is, “Work hard and enjoy everything about it. It ends too soon, so make it last as best as you can. You’ll miss it someday.”



December’s Tiger of the Month

By: Katlyn LaPorte


For his ferocity on the wrestling mat and outstanding leadership, senior Jake Breidenbach is December’s Tiger of the Month. Breidenbach was born on Oct. 2nd, 1997 to his parents Doug Breidenbach and Mary Butcher. He has one sister, Cionne. Breidenbach has been wrestling since he was in the second grade. His biggest supporters are his parents.

Breidenbach placed 6th at the state tournament in 2015. Already this season he has taken first place at their first two tournaments in Columbine, and in St. Francis, KS.

“The best part of wrestling is getting your hand raised after a tough win and the excitement of how you and your team do,” said Breidenbach. “The worst part is how hard it is on your body physically and mentally.”

“I wrestle 138 as of right now but I plan on wrestling 132 after Christmas. My goal for this wrestling season is to place in the top three at state,” said Breidenbach. “One goal I had was just to place at state before I graduated but since I’ve done that my new goal is to win state.”

“My favorite wrestling memory is just wrestling with my friends and making it to the third day of the state tournament and placing. My favorite high school memory is going to all the wrestling tournaments with my friends and my teammates,” said Breidenbach.

“I want to give a shoutout to my teammates on the wrestling team cause we are going to kick butt this year,” exclaimed Breidenbach.

As of right now Breidenbach plans on attending NJC but he’s not sure yet if he will wrestle collegiately or not. Aside from wrestling, his favorite thing to do is hang out with friends. His favorite food is pizza and his favorite subject in school is math.

A quote that he lives by is, by Dan Gable, “Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.”

Breidenbach’s advice to underclassmen is, “If there is something you want then you must be focused, put in the work, not be scared of failing, and not have any excuses.”