Snow Days

By Amber Antinora

RE-1 Valley Schools has had over five snow days so far this school year. Two of those were in one week. While most students and teachers agree that they are “awesome” and say, “can we have another one?” The thought of having to make them up still lingers in the back of students’ minds.

Brynn Abernathy says, “They’re great, but I’d rather be here during than in summer.”

Sarah Wernsman, English teacher and Marilyn Fehringer, Math teacher, said that while they are fun, it messes with the curriculum and work schedule. It does give time to grade papers though, said multiple teachers.

There has been a statement on how RE-1 Valley will make up the snow days. April 15 was originally a half day, but now is now a full school day. Also, May 6 was originally an in-service day and is now a full school day.